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Rutschman teams with Team USA to host baseball clinic in Portland

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59 minutes ago, Explosivo said:

Adley gets it. One day, one of those kids will play on the Orioles with our future hall of famer.

Awesome. Hasn’t played a ML inning yet and he’s already destined for the HOF.

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    • For sure…and btw, the Orioles are always going to struggle to get good starting pitchers to come here on a 1 year deals.     That has more to do with the park and division than it does the quality of the team.    Elias didn’t do anything wrong here.  Lyles probably could have gotten 3-5M elsewhere.  He wasn’t coming here for that.    TBH, I’m just shocked that they are actually spending 7M On anything new at the ML level.
    • I figured you'd be having an epic meltdown that Stroman went for a very friendly deal that the Orioles could have done.  
    • This team has nothing to offer other than an opportunity.    Come pitch in Camden and in the AL East is not exactly a sales pitch.    They will have to go after higher quality arms when the time is right and by then players may actually want to pitch here. Of course the trade market will be significant as well.  
    • Seems a long time ago.  What this does is help to keep the arms in the pen healthier and potentially more effective. The fly ball rate and HR rate don’t seem to bode well at The Yards, but maybe there are things they have in mind to alter that with pitch selection. Ok, that’s about as positive as I can be with this one.
    • First off…this looks like an absolutely baffling move. The longer Elias is the GM, the less faith I have that he is capable of the job. He just makes so many questionable and mind boggling moves. The unsettling reality is that it seems we’re seeing pretty clearly what the “tax” for coming to Baltimore is for signing free agents right now. No one else in baseball would be paying Lyles this much and I have my doubts Lyles would have signed for anything less to come to a bad team, in a stacked division, in a hitters ball park. 
    • Can only hope he pitches well enough for someone to want him. 
    • The innings eating is a big help. Obviously our bullpen got killed last year because we only had 1-2 real SP. The amount we paid does make me concerned that either Elias is not a good negotiator, or the amount we have to pay to entice pitchers to come here is a problem. Considering that we’re not planning to grow the arms, I’m not sure what we do. 
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