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MLB CBA/Labor Dispute Thread

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7 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

Yeah, I can't imagine that any of the players would want to understand the damage of the '94 strike.  

Kids these days.  They only think history starts in their lifetime.  

Yea, the average baseball player is a known student of history.

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1 hour ago, Moose Milligan said:

No, no...milk the pandemic AND the work stoppage.  



I think cooler heads will prevail.  

Both sides know what's at stake.  MLB and the MLBPA have to be aware that baseball is declining in popularity, lagging behind the NFL and probably the NBA.  They know that a work stoppage would be a huge, huge black mark on the game and it would dig a deeper hole, maybe one that they could truly never recover from.

There's really not much they could do.  They can't rely on Cal chasing 2,130 to gain fan interest, there's nothing like that on the horizon.  They can't turn a blind eye to a PED problem and rely on huge amounts of home runs and home run chases to revitalize interest.  

You've got guys like Ohtani and Trout to promote but they do a pathetic job of that.  There's a ton of young talent playing right now but they can't generate the interest for these guys.  

SG is right, they do look doom and gloom but I think they'll figure this out. But as OFST80s said, you can never bet against the MLB doing something stupid and Manfred is involved so...there's a chance.  

Baseball isn't nearly as popular as it was in 1994 and I would hate to see the long term ramification of a lockout or strike next year. There is a lot more entertainment options now and people have short attention spans. 

The last thing MLB needs is a long work stoppage to drive off any youth that actually have an interest in baseball. I think this tough talk is posturing, but you never know. 

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1 hour ago, NCRaven said:

Wake me in February and I’ll start to care.  It’s all posturing right now.

It won't be posturing when they take away the Oriole fan's most important day of the year:  Rule 5 Draft Day!

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3 minutes ago, ChrisP said:

The best players already lost a year of their prime. It would be a shame to lose additional time. 

What's going on with this dispute is such a crime.  I hope the unions don't get an extra dime.

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You gotta love how these sort of negative press stories always come out when the stories should be on things like, oh I don't know, the World Series. 

That said, we are just over a month away from the deadline. We are at the point where both sides are talking tough. We will see if either side blinks when we get to the end of November (or a week or two into a work stoppage in December). 

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BP this morning had a story that included the timeline of a previous lockout.


...what occurred in 1989-90, when the agreement expired Dec. 31 and owners announced on Jan. 9 that a lockout would begin Feb. 15 absent an agreement. A deal was reached March 1 and opening day was delayed a week until April 9, causing 78 games to be postponed and rescheduled.

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