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UMBC vs. Towson

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Towson played far better than anyone could have expected, and UMBC looked like they had at least a down game. Play that game again, and it is much, much closer.

I honestly thought UMBC was going to win tonight. But I'm one of those Towson pessimists.

That said...

PAT'S CATS! :smile11: :boogie: :beerchug1: :2yay-thumb: :awesome::drek::gallden:

Well, I hope my team will bounce back...

...but first I hope Coach Monroe throws them out of the locker room again...

...and then throws himself out! :mwahaha:

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Pat's Cats. Don't even know why, just don't like it. Always makes me cringe.

To me I think it's just the excessive emphasis on the coach as a "star." They are Towson's team, not his, and he is an employee whose job is to recruit good players and coach them well so they win for the glory of the school, not his personal advancement. It's kind of like the neverending talk about the Orioles having a "face of the franchise." Basketball and baseball are team sports, they're not supposed to be all about one guy, whether player or coach. Obviously that image isn't the reality for the team, but I don't like the way it's marketed.

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The score was actually 90-79. If Towson didnt miss 13 free throws it could have been different.

What? The Baltimore Sun not doing their homework on a non-University of Maryland College Park college basketball game? Shocking! :rolleyestf:

Claiming a team was "routed" when in fact the game was somewhat close is a pretty glaring error. If your reporter didn't have time to watch the freaking game, just say they lost instead of editorializing about what kind of loss it was. Get a clue, Baltimore Sun! :cussing:

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