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Kiley McDaniel’s FA contract predictions

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54 minutes ago, Aristotelian said:

Pretty much every site I've seen had them as the favorite to sign him. What don't you like about Ray? Potential overpay for a career year? 

Yep.  It’s not that I don’t think he’s good but I don’t think he should get more than ERod got.  

Whoever signs him to the deal I think he’s likely to get will regret it.  I just don’t get why teams don’t learn.  I know the sport is flush with cash but still, teams just keep being dumb.

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Can’t see the list behind the ESPN+ paywall, but so far of the MLBTR top 50, 8 have signed: 

14. Rodriguez

22. DeSciafini

23. Verlander

27. Matz

28. Graveman

36. Belt

37. Syndergaard

50. Heaney

Notably, 7 of the 8 are pitchers, and the other (Belt) accepted his QO.    Of the remaining 42, 23 are position players, 19 are pitchers.

It seems to me that it’s a bit unusual for 8 of the top 50 to be signed before Thanksgiving, but with the expected lockout and cancellation of the Winter Meetings, I guess it’s not too surprising that a few players wanted to sign early and not stress about it the next few months.   

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    • They are not going to get a meaningful return for Trey. If they trade him before the season starts, it will be mainly a salary dump. If he has a good first half and they trade him at the deadline, they won’t get much back for him because of his limitations, and because the receiving team only have him for a couple of months. It is possible that Elias may be able to do some Effective horse trading and get an unusual return for Trey, but it remains to be seen whether Mike can do that kind of trading.
    • I'm glad to see him go. Sure he had some good to really good recruiting classes but his offensive scheme was terrible. It seemed they constantly went on scoring droughts regardless of talent level on team. And they always played down to competition or came out looking horrible in the first half and that's on coaching.  Not to mention the way they play offense is just incredibly boring to watch.
    • If you get the right coach, you can win, whether or not you have a "top 25" job or not.  Look at what Nate Oats has done at Alabama, or what Mark Few has done at Gonzaga.   I wish Maryland had hired Porter Moser last spring, but that ship has sailed.  I would give Sarunas Jasikevicius serious consideration.  He's an alum from the Gary Williams days, he played in the NBA and became an international star, and he's currently the best coach in the European leagues.  
    • Then why are multiple basketball analysts calling this job a top-25 job and saying they think that Maryland has a legitimate chance to snag someone like Oats or Enfield or Musselman or Bruce Pearl?  This isn't my opinion - I actually don't think we can lure away Oats because we can't pay him what Alabama can.  But others think that this job is enticing enough that we could.   Edit to add: you haven't actually given me any reasons why Maryland is worse as a HC destinstion than the 5 schools I listed.  You literally just ad hominem in response.
    • Thanks for putting those together. I think not too bad is about right. Only a few below average but zero in the very good/elite range. Looks about average, maybe a little above if you squint.
    • If the work stoppage lasts until June, then some of the minor leaguers may be ready for promotion and give the weakest Orioles some competition for at bats and roster spots. 
    • You are right, my bad.  Didn't scroll down far enough and couldn't find it.  The moderators should move it there.
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