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Happy Thanksgiving

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You beat me to it.

No matter how awful things might be, there are always genuine things for which to thank the Lord. 
and I do.

Among them are this place.

Thanks to everyone here, even the contentious screamers. As the poem says,” They, too, have their story.” And you keep the place lively.

Blessings to all, and peace.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all, even those who feel the need to make some variation of "print the playoff tickets" joke on a purely informational post about a inconsequential waiver claim. :)

In all seriousness, hope you all have a good holiday. 

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Happy Turkey Day all!

I'm thankful for #1 My family. All that needs to be said about that.

I'm thankful to still have a job despite my stupidity... And 8 stitches.

For the too good for us mere mortals pork and sauerkraut I had last night (and the rest later today.) Just... unbelievable.

For the 4,000 song files I have saved that I have been listening to for hours on random shuffle. MAN I have some eclectic tastes! Few minutes ago I went from Hank Williams - Your Cheatin' Heart to Iggy - I Wanna be your Dog. 😛 Seriously, music is my escape, my SANITY, My Life. :pray:

Thankful for this place too! Thanks Tony and Weams and Frobby and wildcard and Moose and especially Can_of_corn and SOOOOO many others, too many to name!, for making this the wonderful place it is. An Orioles Place, a retreat, a place to rant, a place to commiserate, place to laugh, place to cry.

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1 hour ago, Philip said:

I wish I could have Knackwurst and  sauerkraut for Thanksgiving but noooo gotta be turkey. Grrr

Oh well, first world problems…

There’s always tomorrow.   

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It’s been so cool being able to come here the past couple of months especially, to get the baseball discussion fix I need now that weams isn’t here anymore to have those with me.  Means everything to me to be part of this.

Happy Thanksgiving, all! 

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On 11/25/2021 at 11:07 AM, Too Tall said:

And, thanks to you Frobby for being my "go to read" on this site. Best to everyone for a Safe, Healthy, and Wonderful Holiday Season!

And also thanks to Too Tall and a LOT of others like him! Only 37 posts but he joined in 2005!

Thanks and best wishes to all the dedicated lurkers on this site.

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    • But as a GM they don't just pray for the best.  They evaluate the risk.
    • Lol…you realize that I’m aware of this, right?
    • Yea, I think you are one of those delusional MD fans to be honest.  The program just isn’t what it was.  I think you saying it’s definitively better than jobs I listed, when those schools are winning more and out recruiting them, is hilarious.   Again, it’s not a bad job..it’s still an excellent job.  But it’s not among the top 20ish job anymore…it’s lost luster.     It’s like UCONN…UConn was amongst some of the best jobs and now it’s not.  
    • Yes, this is a thread about hitting, and yes, I'm sure others have noted this, but when commenting about our anticipated SP success or failure, it seems most are not considering the impact AR will have.  Setting aside his above-average framing skills, I can absolutely foresee him helping raise the level of each and every pitcher with whom he teams up.   I'm quite sure we saw this impact when Wieters would catch for Tillman.  I really believe Tillman's success depended heavily on MW being there to guide him through jams and particularly to get him through outings when he didn't have his best stuff.  There are limits, of course, but I can't wait to see how much influence Rutschman's presence has on whatever staff we have in place. 
    • I've watched him a ton...  dare I say shades of Tony Gwynn?   But with more power!
    • Best HS bat in the draft, and most experts feel one of the best HS bats in a very long time.   Green has by far superior tools, and will be an elite outfielder, but Johnson is the better hitter with much better contact ability.   I love the idea....  I'm not sure he'd go much under slot, though...
    • I reject the idea that MD isn't an easy top 20 gig in the country.  Maybe  a little luster is off because of leaving the ACC (worst decision ever), but you're talking about a large fanbase for college basketball; top-notch facilities; a long and storied history; a campus in a large and attractive urban market; and you're the home town team, and really only major player, in probably a top 5 area for amateur talent in the country. There's no reason that MD shouldn't consistently be in the Sweet 16 and a coach/AD who can't produce those results should not be tolerated.
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