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The Mark Teixeira Watch part II

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Not in the least bit. Remember NOBODY in the local media said we had a shot. NONE! Ummmm....Makes you wonder, doesn't it?:)

Edit: Nobody in the media period. Local or National.

I wonder if Tex will be sporting one of the new Baltimore road jerseys? :clap3:

Or maybe he'll just have a Ravens jersey on? :)

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Come on guys don't beat up on Roch and Schmuck to much. These guys are pretty good at what they do. Their sources have to be concrete ours don't.

I would concur. Roch has had some very good information in the past, and its obvious that he cares about the team. I am glad that he's one of the reporters for MASN.

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So to sum up, let me know if this is correct.

ESPN said Tex would be at the game with Angelos, the Examiner reported the report, and then Roch shot down the report? Correct?

Roch also says that Tex might go to the game if he's still in Baltimore. When was he in Baltimore in the firs place?

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Ironic because I have often wondered if Belkast was not really Roch's alter ego that wants to give out what he knows to be true and not just what he is allowed to print.

I know its not true, but when I first joined the OH way back when I was pretty sure this was the case.

Don't even joke about that. Considering how much I like Belkast, I'd feel like a real jerk for beating up on his real world alter ego. :laughlol:

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I need to say this about Roch. He is getting some bad rep and I don't agree with it. For whatever reason throughout this whole Tex thing, he has not felt real good about it. He has his sources. Roch is very good at what he does. He gets some right and some wrong too. Just like me, Bigbird, Sonny, and Peace. However the guy does do a fantastic job and I am glad that we get a chance to read his blogs on a daily basis.

Secondly, For the record, I have not confirmed Tex being at the game today. I have said that Tex is going to be an Oriole. My guy would not say one way or the other about todays game. That in itself makes me very suspicious that Tex will be there. We'll see very soon!

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