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Teixeira Watch X - Angels Out, Nats Step Up their Offer

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I think if Tex signs tommorrow we find out 2 things

1. Orioles are not as interested in Tex as we believe they are.

2. Tex is more interested in going to Boston than people think

I agree with the Sox fans post. I think Boras leaked the Nats upping there offer to get Boston hit their number and done deal.

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"Just a suburban dork.

Born and raised in Severna Park.

He took the light rail train going an-y-where! (Except east or west)"

Very nice very nice. Are you like me and try to turn everyday events into a song. I often find myself transforming the lyrics of my favorite songs as I go through the day.

For example

Mr Boras is not our lover

he is just an agent who claims Tex is the one

but the kid is not our son

he says Tex is the one

but Tex is not our son.

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Rep for you.

And I get rep for avoiding my basic adult responsibilities! The day keeps getting better.

Come on in, Tex, the fans here are alright. Besides, who can stand a Boston accent for more than thirty seconds? Are you really willing to try that on for 8 years? Have a crabcake on me for Christsakes!

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Exactly. And that's all I want to do. Downstairs I'm packing to move to a new house my wife and I just bought and are hoping like hell the economy doesn't tank so bad that everything goes up in flames. And it's almost Christmas. And I have to see my evil father in law. And they might be out of beer. And...and...

And upstairs--at my desk--I'm at a ballgame screaming for the O's with a half-empty crowd of strangers. It's kinda nice.

Welcome aboard mate.

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Why does everyone think Tex will sign tomorrow? If history teaches us anything, look for MacPhail and Boras to reach a deal at 11:45 on Christmas eve. Do you get coal in your stocking if you think of Christmas as a deadline? If you get clean coal in your stocking, does that mean you were good? At what point in history did people wear these ridiculously oversized stockings? And what drunk-ass yahoo decided to tack his smelly socks to a chimney and puts his kids presents in them?

A few thoughts about Washington's bid. Yeah, the Orioles haven't had a playoff team since 1997. The last time Washington had a baseball team in the playoffs was 1933. That's 28 years before Jim Bowden was born. Bowden himself has been to the playoffs just once as a G.M. And one last tidbit from the "Fire Jim Bowden" website. In 16 amateur drafts, the most successful pitchers he has drafted are Scott Sullivan and John Reidling. But to be fair, at least he managed to sign them to contracts.

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