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Orioles vs. White Sox 4/22/09 Game 2

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Tonight's lineups

White Sox

Chris Getz 2B

Josh Fields 3B

Carlos Quentin LF

Jim Thome DH

Jermaine Dye RF

Paul Konerko 1B

A.J. Pierzynski C

Alexei Ramirez SS

Brian Anderson CF

John Danks LHP


Brian Roberts 2B

Adam Jones CF

Nick Markakis RF

Aubrey Huff 1B

Ty Wigginton 3B

Luke Scott DH

Lou Montanez LF

Gregg Zaun C

Cesar Izturis SS

Jeremy Guthrie RHP

Lineup notes: Adam Jones will again try to return to the lineup after being a late scratch on Tuesday because of continuing soreness in his hamstring.

Wednesday: 7:05 p.m.. John Danks (1-0, 0.75) vs. Jeremy Guthrie (2-0, 4.32).


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I like Monty and Zaun batting 7 and 8 in our line up. Wiggy has hit more than 20 home runs the last 3 years. Tonight is his break out game. Bergesen was a jolt to this team last night. We're going to score some runs tonight with Jones back in the line up. Look for Guthrie to pitch a gem tonight.

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Is it just me or has Jermaine Dye never been the same ever since he broke a bone on a foul ball in the playoffs a few years back?

I think its just you. Wasnt he in the running for MVP last year? Or is that just me.

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Okay, its just me, then.

I know he's been a great hitter, but there's times when he doesn't even seem like the same guy. And I don't think 5 seasons ago was "a LONG time" ago.

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    • Poor Frobby.  lol Some of you guys read too much into the simplest little things.
    • Where have you been? Our catchers hit better than the typical catcher, but they defend lousy.
    • B. IMO, these rankings have been revolving around potential, mostly.  And if people want to weigh the grades towards potential, that's fine but it usually doesn't take into account that the potential might not pan out.  Adley is a great prospect and if you're going to bet on someone, you should bet on him but there's still a chance he could not be the all-world catcher that we're hoping for.  And the B is because of Adley, not because I'm enthralled with what we currently have. Severino and Sisco are decent (not great) hitting catchers.  After his red hot start to 2020, Severino came back down to earth pretty quickly, his OPS+ didn't crack 100.  I love Sisco's plate discipline, his separation between his batting average and on base percentage is pretty absurd but I'm not sure if hell ever hit above .250.  If he did, his on base percentage could end up over .400.  His OPS+ this year was 105. Both of these guys have average defense, at best.   I'm not sure if SG's claim of having the best catching situation in the sport is accurate as I'm not up to date on what other franchise situations look like.  But when you have a top 5 prospect at catcher, you can probably be in the conversation, so I'll go along and agree with him.  But again, if you're going to give out grades for untapped potential, you also need to take into account that these guys might not work out.
    • I feel like it is really tough to evaluate the future of a bullpen just because of the unknowns. Who really knows what flawed starter will be thrown to the bullpen and be a stud....I don’t think anyone saw Zach Britton coming. I guess the good news is that when you have the depth the Os are growing, it gives a decent indication that there can be impact arms in the pen.
    • I understand the OP grade of an A, but I would imagine that grade takes into account what our organization was as much as what it currently is. If you compare it to our history, I would agree with the A grade. But comparing to other organizations, I would think a B is probably more realistic. I say this having done zero research to support this comment. Either way, I am happy with the state of the pitching, and think next year will be a big one to see what we actually have.
    • Depth drove that one.  We have the best catching prospect, but not much depth.  Knock on wood, Adley gets hurt/doesn't perform, our grade would drop tremendously.
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