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Orioles vs Almighty Greinke 5/15

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Kimberly Jones of YES. Now, when I flip through the channels and see YES, I'll have to point at the person I'm booing. :laughlol:

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One more game postponed now. Milwaukee and St. Louis @ ST. Louis. Down the road from KC. Hmmm...

St. Louis is 300 miles from KC and is in the middle of the front...like we have been here in Central IL for what seems like eternity.

It's been raining non-stop since 6 am. :(

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Atta boy, Roberts. I mean "Cindy's Perfect One."

Psst, hey Cindy: Roberts signed that four-year deal. Because a team would have him under control for such a long time, he'd bring more of a haul in a trade.

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Gameday's droid at KC has it all screwed up... on one place Huff is on 1st, but in the play-by-play he never happened and Mora is the inning's 4th batter...

EDIT: They finally fixed it... took'em a couple minutes...

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    • How much of this can you put on the O-line and lack of separation by receivers?  I feel like he shoulders so much pressure with the "If I don't make the play, no one will" attitude, that yes he does tend to hold onto the ball too long instead of throwing it away.   What about the two HUGE drops by Dobbins wide open in space?  That first drop was game changing in my opinion.   People love the traditional stand back in the pocket and sling it everywhere QB.  Which is why everyone now loves Josh Allen.  People love to pile on Lamar for being 1-3 in the playoffs.  Josh Allen is 2-2.  Lamar has an MVP to his name at 24 (Josh played at an MVP level this year).  He was awful in that Chiefs playoff game.  I imagine Josh Allen will be looking to get paid this offseason as well.  Market shows he will be in the same 35-40 million dollar range, now that Watson signed the deal in Houston. Hard to say you are getting less than all of these other QB's that, in theory have produced equally, or less than Lamar has.  I get it and the thought process.  But, its either pay the man or risk being awful, while attempting to find your next franchise QB.     I pay the man.
    • A fanciful can to kick - contracts aside, from here would you rather have John Means or Chris Sale?
    • Dombrowski having gotten Realmuto to take his $$$ I guess has bowed out on Semien, and Twins beat guy reporting his team and Brewers possible  suitors.   I can get kicking Jorge Polanco, Orlando Arcia and Luis Urias all off SS island, though with Lewis coming I guess Minnesota hoping for 2B like Red Sox did before Enrique.   Brewers and Twins would even give Galvis/Villar landing spots before us assuming OAK/PHI/CIN naturally ahead of us for the main three.    Galvis back to Philly seems likelier now.  
    • I think it was Bob Feller, who said of Dwight Gooden, “I would rather have his future than my past.“ Looking at today’s pitching environment, I would much rather have the future of our own guys, then hope for a continuation of the past of the other teams’ guys. I continue to think that pitching is going to be the least of our problems in this season.
    • The Bills were run-blitzing with zone coverage.  You actually can't play man vs Lamar.  He just takes off for 25 yards every time.   You also can't really screen with Lamar as your QB, because it doesn't work vs run-blitzes, and they never do normal blitzes like they would vs Aaron Rodgers.  Lamar had a lot of success with short passes in the flat vs the Bills.  He threw 14 out of 22 non-throwaway passes less than 5 air yards from scrimmage. (this was calculated by me watching, so it might not correlate with any published stats)  He completed 10 of them, 1 was dropped, and 3 were off-target (1 was from a bad snap.) I think they attacked the Bills correctly up until the interception.  And then on the very next play he got knocked out of the game because our OL had their worst game of the season.  If Lamar stayed in the game I think the Ravens could have maybe made it interesting.
    • So I think that there are 2 extreme camps among sports fans regarding key talent: one side wants nothing more than to keep all homegrown talent, completely blind to their faults, and the other side wants nothing more than to blow everything up every 2 years because everyone sucks.  Being honest with myself, I lean toward the first camp, and I was wrong about wanting to keep Flacco after he won us a super bowl.  I'd like to think that in the future I won't hold unhealthy nostalgia for questionable players, but one can never be certain.   That said, I think that the fact that we're even debating the talent/skill level of a player that won an MVP as a 22 year old QB is insane.  Straight up insane.  Yet here we are.  Don't take this as me believing that this debate is not without merit.  It is.  But Flacco had the benefit of proving that he wasn't worth the contract.  It's not fair to assume that Lamar, who has been by far the superior player in the regular season, won't be worth a contract just because Flacco wasn't.  And given Lamar's age even a lengthy extension isn't going to take him past 28 or 29.  That's more or less the same age that Flacco was after he won the Super Bowl.
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