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Orioles vs Almighty Greinke 5/15

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Greinke has not gave up a home run so far this year. 53IP 61K's 8 walks.

He has given up basically nothing.

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What would the fans say if the O's brought up Tillman and he went 5-17???

I am sure he would get full support from some of the folks here, who wait at least a week before passing judgement.

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Yikes! Anybody else see how Joe Nathan choked in the 9th? :ohlord:

I hate the MFY. :angryfire:

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    • Well, it is not very likely, but I wouldn’t say it’s unheard of.  Bo Bichette was drafted in the second round out of high school in 2016 and debuted in the majors on July 29, 2019 for a non-contending Blue Jays team that went 67-95.    But the next year, they were a winning club and now they’re really going for it.    Bichette was a rare case, but it does happen.   
    • I believe much more in the statcast numbers because they are based off a system that judges typical success of a typical MLB player in the same situation, not math or the eye of a person. Either way, I'm not upset over this move, I just don't think it helps anything for the future or winning now. Maybe he'll be great defensively again and then he has value in the development of the young starters. Other than that, he brings very little to the table and this is a team that has found every way to cut money from supposedly getting ride of coaches, to releasing or trading players over MLB-wise small salaries, to furloughing employees making barely livable wages.  I agree with you that Sanchez is almost assuredly going to be better defensively at 2B vs SS, but he's also a guy who has played a lot of 2B because a better shortstop was on the team so it makes you wonder whether he could be effective over there if given a chance. Saying that, Sanchez doesn't exactly excite me either. I guess I just kind of see this as a Meh signing. Then again, the other options were Meh as well, but at least in that situation they are young enough where they could show enough improvement to possibly have value if given that playing time. I do believe the Orioles future SS is in the system, but it's not ready for this year and most likely not next.  
    • Camp invites and minor league starting assignments will start to give us real information about how Elias views '22 this quarter. Those are kind of independent of the Cashflow Money Makes The World go round aspect of it IRL.   In straight baseball terms, I don't think I've seen a clear signal yet from Elias about the 2022 club's viability, which I get due to lack of data.    I could believe half a dozen or so Tides/Baysox to be could produce 0 WAR or 20 WAR next year, and don't think there are many orgs where among 6-8 upper minors guys you could say that.
    • I don't think they'd be interested in Franco considering they cut Renato Nunez.  Franco is an older, worse, and probably more expensive version of Nunez. 
    • Sure. Again I don't think any of the current options moves a needle one way or the other, and I guess if the orioles know the reason why Galvis' defense slipped so much last year and they think he can get back to where he was, then sure, why not on the defensive side alone?  I doubt any of the guys you mentioned are starters during a playoff caliber orioles team and I doubt any of them can be traded to being one in, even in a package. I guess for a team that seems to be cutting corners financially, why dump money into a guy that's not going to move the needle or really win you more ball games. the only way this makes sense is if gold glove caliber defense shows back up and it's helps a young pitching staff. I guess we'll see what Galvis shows up defensively this year.
    • Hopefully we'll just get some candor and label it the Not 2020 WSOHL report - even Gleyber had it. If Galvis is just falling off that cliff and is only the 29th best fielding SS nowadays (#Gleyber!), he probably still saves a dozen or more runs than if we tried Sanchez, Urias or Valaika there 150 times.    We even get to manage Richie Martin's service time to secure his 2025 now, so it kind of pays for itself!
    • I am very excited about him. All I’m saying is there is no way he is up in 2022 unless it’s to join a contender. 
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