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I only like the broadcasting when Palmer does it. He gives tons of insight and isn't afraid to call a player out.

Plus he's got an absolutely quick mind and wit

...and he knows that his broadcast partner was not a hall-of-fame pitcher, and is alive.

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Okay, I wake up this morning to find massive edits by the OP, except he was quoted extensively in replies...not to mention he leaves an entire post where he calls a slew of people idiots and morons, which is the REAL problem, not his opinion of Palmer. I mean, a lot of us are going to disagree with that opininon, but we were fine with that preposterous opinion, except for the parts based on wrong information and the weird Hunter mix up.

By the way, man...most of us live in and around BALTIMORE. The city that gave you Homicide and The Wire. You talk about not being able to say some of this stuff in LA? There's parts of this city you can't even TALK and you can get killed. Beyond it being, you know, LA, and being natural disaster-ville to boot, I'm sure living there is preferable to Baltimore. Not surprising but that's a horrible comparison to inadvertantly bring up.

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53 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

Thanks for the bump, anyway.  I know that there's a rule against that now, but seeing some of the old names that were posting in here is a trip down memory lane.  

Wait, there's a rule now against bumping old threads? So we're never going to see that dumb dancing gifs thread again?

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