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What non-ACC programs do you like or hate?

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Have to name ACC schools here sorry since I go to a CAA school:

Love/Like: Mason, Villanova(cuz of Scottie being my high school mate though now they're gone I could care less about them), Pitt(my grandfather and godmother were alums and I tend to root for Pittsburgh teams casually as a whole because of my family being from there originally), UNC(remember reading an article about Dean Smith by Rick Reilly, he seemed like a decent guy), Maryland(I've always liked the Terps despite being from Va, don't know why)

Dislike/Hate: JMU/VCU(Big rivals of GMU), Duke(not as bad as it used to be but they seemed to have annoying front running fans when I was in middle school, I dont hate them anymore but its a dislike I admit), John Calipari teams seem to annoy me since he seems like a jerk.

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I'm weird, and in some cases I don't think I can give you a real reason why I like or dislike certain programs. I can try, but I still won't make much sense.

Like (or usually have liked)

UCLA (tradition)

Michigan State (Tom Izzo)

Kansas (tradition)




Florida (I couldn't stand Joakim Noah even if you paid me, and I've never been all that enamored with Billy Donnovan.)


Syracuse (Admittedly, some days I like them, but a lot of times I haven't.)


Temple (They always played Maryland, so there was that, and I despised John Chaney.)

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I generally will root for most Big 12 teams since winning makes the conference look better. However I was not disappointed to see KU make another early exit......


UNLV - Coached by Lon Kruger, former KSU coach

Creighton - Dana Altman, another KSU guy

Gonzaga - I love how Mark Few has stayed there to build a competitive program, even though he's received many other offers

I love to see "mid-majors" do well in the tourney

Oh and right now Northern Iowa :D


KU - 'nuff said

North Carolina - I have a severe dislike for Roy Williams. Probably stems from his days at KU, but he's done nothing to calm those feelings while at UNC.

Anywhere Calipari goes

And in general, the Big East

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