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It’s time! Upsets, live look in, news, it’s March Madness! (In game, pre & post game)

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I’m going to have to get a real membership soon. Wow, Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher not starting today for not following team rules? Didn’t fill out a bracket this year as I’m rooting for nearly every “underdog” and so on.

Go ODU, BYU and Robert Morris!

CBS live, free feed

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ND and ODU should both be eliminated. What a disgusting game of bball that was. The only reason it was entertaining is that the 2 teams had equal incompetence levels.

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ND and ODU should both be eliminated. What a disgusting game of bball that was. The only reason it was entertaining is that the 2 teams had equal incompetence levels.

It was a horrendous game

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    • Lamar has at times been awful outside the hash marks yes, and certainly leaves a lot to be desired there. I too have my doubts as to how much he’ll be able to improve in that facet of his game. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. But it’s abundantly clear to everyone except you that the passing game, particularly outside the numbers, has got to improve for us to win a championship. It’s just the way the league is now. And being that Lamar is going to be our QB for quite some time, the only way to improve said passing game is by infusing it with more pass catchers who can create separation and/or present mismatches, and/or beat press coverage. And Because of the perception of Lamar and our scheme that you eloquently highlighted in your post, it will be difficult to attract those pass catchers via free agency, leaving the draft as the best and perhaps only means of acquiring them. So I say address the pass rush and the o-line via free agency and spend a first rounder on a potentially elite target for Lamar. I like Pitts because he can do all of the things I mentioned above that will help keep defenses honest and keep the middle of the field less crowded for Lamar and the running backs. All pretty basic logic. 
    • They are going to keep expanding the passing game.  They have said this.  Part of the reason they haven’t is the lack of weapons.     I don’t think they get Pitts at 13 but if he was at 13, they would take him, for sure.   Just as they would take one of Waddle, Chase or Smith if they fell. And they certainly could trade down but they also could trade up some as well, if a weapon fell that they wanted. Tons of options but it’s very clear that adding more weapons for Lamar is on the agenda.
    • o   Actually, I did not know that. I only went there one time, when my cousin Donnie took me to see an Orioles/Yankees game in April of 1979. I knew about Wild Bill Hagy and Leonard "Big Wheel" Burrier (the Colts super fan), and that it was known as "The Asylum on 33rd Street." I also knew about the row of white houses that were situated directly in back of the stadium behind center-field, which some opposing hitters claimed gave Jim Palmer an extra advantage because his overhand delivery of the white baseball often blended in with those white houses ...... but I didn't know about the acoustics of the stadium making it louder. Thanks for the info.   o
    • How is it wrong ?    wait and see who they’d add off the scrap heap or draft! They won’t even sniff Pitts is they get the #13. They will trade back for additional picks as they should and fix the line.    They aren’t going to throw anymore than marginally more ....period!    You saying it’s wrong and being wrong are two very different things my friend.    Lamar wants to run! Roman wants to run! After those things happen the passing game gets the leftovers. Plus ...Lamar sucks at passing outside the numbers down the field. That’s why opponents are giving them 10 inside the hash looks. 
    • I won't lie, the Braves signing Travis Snider the other day stung a little here. Tejada still has him by 2407-2388.   I half feel that if Diaz has to wait 6 weeks - I'd rather it be for Markakis than DJ Stewart. Edwin Encarnacion is the only one ahead of him in Service Time among the unsigned FA in Fangraphs tracker.
    • I don’t see how you can have total trust in a guy, a guy who has barely been here relatively speaking and then question his methods and evaluation of talent.  It doesn’t make much sense. It’s not like Elias has some history as a GM to give him the benefit of the doubt.    His only history that is really positive is working with the Astros, where he was a scout and talent evaluator and worked the draft.  
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