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5/21 O's at Washington

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It cracked me up earlier in the game when Dibble said:

"There's Patterson's 187th career stolen base. He has a .291 career on base percentage which is TERRIBLE for a lead off hitter."

Palmer was so surprised by the frank comment that he laughed.

Was a funny moment.

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Win column!

On a side note, it's amazing how much more respectable the Nationals look this year than last year.

Wanna sign Guzman.

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    • Some thought passing thru my addled brain reminded me of this classic. By the HOFers.  
    • You have called Mike Elias a liar several times in your posts in the past few days. You have repeatedly said this was a bad decision. You are entitled to your opinion, as we all are. Despite several posters trying to explain the logic to you intelligently, you remain steadfast in your criticism and that any opinion you do not share is not legitimate. The opinion of 30 major league teams is that he is not worth his projected arbitration salary. Is that legitimate?  I am done. We have beat this to death. Down arrow me again, I dig it. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I think we should argue with other people for a while. I need space. 😂 
    • I'd like the see the quote where Elias said that ownership was not allowed him to spend for Cozart  or anyone else.  The context would be interesting. Its isn't happening because its not part of Elias' rebuild model which is similar to the Astros.     Spending is part of your desired model.  I understand that.  But Elias is building a talent base first with young cheap players.  He will spend when its time to compete and he has holes. Right now he is still waiting on Adley.  He needs at better 2B and 3B and better starting pitching to compete the way he wants to in the future.   This stuff in coming but it not here yet.  Rodriguez, DL Hall, Gunnar, Westburg.   They are all part of Elias' plan.  And those guys will be cheap for a while.   I doubt seriously that ownership told Elias to cut Nunez.   Its more likely that Elias wants to develop Santander, Mullins, Hays, Diaz, and Mountcastle  to be part of the next contending team and needs the at bats to accomplish that.
    • Saying there hasn’t been evidence is just wrong. They values saved money over quality back in the 2018 deals. Elias essentially came out and said ownership wouldn’t allow the deal the Angels and Giants did where the Giants bought a prospect to take on Cozarts deal.  Elias said he would like to do something like that but basically isn’t allowed. And you absolutely can still spend money when you are rebuilding.  You don’t do it poorly of course but there are plenty of opportunities out there that isn’t happening and I don’t believe for a second Elias would be letting those deals go by if ownership allowed him to do what he wants.
    • Its appear your hatred for the Angelos family is impairing your judgement.  There is no evidence that ownership is holding back Elias spending.  What has happened over the last two years is just what happened in 2012-13 with the Astros rebuild.  First tear down.  Trade establish players for prospects.  Then build back with younger, cheaper players.  It was not until year 3 that they spent 30m on Scott Feldman.   Of course the Astros did not have to content with Davis' huge contract nor the loss of revenue from a pandemic.    We really have not reached the point where ownership should be spending in the rebuild.  But its coming.
    • I never said he’s an idiot. I also said I don’t believe it’s his decision. It’s the cheap ass ownership group that we unfortunately have to deal with.  I do think Elias is giving us GM speak as to reasoning why the decision was made.  Seeing as every single GM in the history of time does this, it’s not a leap to say this.
    • I think I first read the “Mauer with Power” line in Sports Illustrated’s Spring 2010 baseball issue, the year after Wieters debuted.  But the article said he’d been called that in the past, before Mauer hit 28 homers in 2009. https://www.google.com/amp/s/vault.si.com/.amp/vault/2010/03/15/the-total-package-rare-bird
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