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It might be time to cleanout the clubhouse

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The question I have about Nick is, Does he look good because the rest of us SUCK and he would stay consistant on another team. Or is he just waiting for some help to carry him to the next level. For some reason I see him improving on another team, and would hate to see him collect his 3000hit somewhere else. My personal opinion is I want Nick to be a career Oriole, we need one or two of those.

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This post is a perfect microcosm of what drives us nuts about you:

Olney actually addressed this in his blog apparently, but I am not an Insider. Anybody care to post a summary of what he said?

Did Olney actually address it or did he apparently do so?

Can you intelligently claim something to be apparently so and actually so in the same sentence?

And to top it off, you seem to say, "Hey, I am just throwing BS out here but can anyone else throw some fuel on the fire?


Seriously....it's your fault.

I think what JTrea meant to say was he definitely possibly addressed it in his blog.

That clears it up. :D

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We can't hit, why would we give up Markakis and Tillman or Arrieta for a pitcher? I would trade Jones and Bell for Zimmerman that is for sure. I really like what Zimmerman brings to the table. Adding Zimmerman and signing a guy like Fielder would make the Orioles better in a hurry IMO. I think the Orioles need three impact bats in the heart of their order. We might have one in Wieters, but Zimmerman and Fielder would give us two others to go along with Markakis. That would make for a very good top 5 in the lineup assuming Roberts comes back healthy.

Fielder would be option A for me though. Love the guys attitude, leadership, and ability. He would be a monster at the Yard.

Jones and Bell for Zimmerman? I expect you would make that deal, but I am not sure Washington would do it in 20 years when he could be coaching 3rd base.

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I would blow up the team as soon as possible. The roster consists of rookies and second-year guys who still need to develop and washed-up veterans. It's a completely toxic combination. Markakis is the only guy on the roster who's just a normal, competent major league player. If you think you can get a good return on practically any older player, I think you should go for it.

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