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Orioles' 2010 Draftees Signing Tracker (updated 8/12)

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    • I disagree strongly that the O’s should be spending much more money on payroll during the rebuild.     I’m happy with the approach Elias is taking.    
    • I guess you have to characterize what represents an "opportunity" I would suggest that it is possible to reach a point where divesting yourself of existing talent in exchange for restocking future talent makes sense. Our farm system was a virtual desert. Largely because we leveraged the future for the now a few times too many. Whether you agree with the approach or not, a rebuild cycle is a pretty common strategy in pro sports.  Sell off today... accumulate and develop young talent, and then begin adding strategic pieces as your young talent matures. Spending a boatload of FA money now... without the bolus of young talent to build around would be contrary to the aims of that approach. And it would make less of that money available when you actually want it. You don't have to agree with the approach.. but I think it's a little disingenuous to suggest that people who are in agreement with the approach are gullible rubes who "buy into" a deception. Or that the people executing the strategy are acting in bad faith. Why not just say "I think it's a bad strategy"? What attack it's proponents? I don't get it.
    • The idea that they have people buying into the idea that’s it’s ok to not spend money and let opportunities go by them is very sad.   And yes, their idiotic decision making is why this team was so for so long.  That is all part of how horrible they are.
    • Yes. Should have been more explicit. Why spend money on ML players until some critical mass is within reach? And hopefully then there will be a time to ease that limitation.
    • Depends on what they are and are not spending money on. I'm fine with the low ML payroll for instance.
    • We see things differently. I see guys who didn't have very good baseball minds who tried to take way too active a hand in personnel decisions. Guys who made emotional rather than baseball decisions. Guys who were homers. Guys who pissed away 359 million bucks on arguably the worst 7 FA decisions that could have been made. But to say it was because they didn't want to win and just wanted to enrich themselves is silly. If that was the case they'd have simply pocketed the coin. Are they cheaping out now?  Hell yeah. Best thing they could possibly do.... For now. Why spend money until it matters?
    • The team was a Little unique because of the greatness of the pen and the defense.  They had basically 3 4 WAR offensive players but WAR doesn’t properly rate relievers imo.     But as good as that team was over a full season, the lack of elite talent is why they didn’t win a title imo.  They didn’t have the offensive talent to win against the best of the best.
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