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Nathan Moreau throws a no-hitter for Keys!

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Intact thru bottom of 8th. Another runner by error. Listening to the Salem feed thru milb audio. Sounds like outfield (Welty,Hudson,Avery) have made some outstanding plays.

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NM has pitched consistently well since beginning of May including last 8 as starter, with 1 exception on Ju 3 v. Greensboro in SAL. Nice debut in CL.

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11th rounder in 2008 at Univ Georgia. 6'4 222 lefty, seems pretty big.

What does he throw? He's a little old for league. Can he become a prospect, or was this sort of flukey?

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    • It is widely expected that DJ Stewart will be activated for the Injured List today.  What does you bring and how can he help? He brings experience.  In DJ's pro career he has played  527 games in the outfield corners.   Ryan Mountcastle has played 55  games in the outfield in the minors and the majors.   DJ's  outfield experience has not always been perfect.  He is known for some spectacular misplays.   But he has average speed,  average range and an average left fielder's arm.   HIs overall outfield defensive game should be a improvement over Mountcastle and should move Ryan to DH more often than not if Brandon Hyde takes advantage for the assets he is given. Stewart offensive game is a low average with power and the ability to work a walk that has netted him a 224/334/433/768 split in 301 major league plate appearances.   His left-handed bat should be additive to the O's lineup.    How long will you stay may depend on how he does and whether Austin Hays hamstring heals fast or lingers.   If Stewart does well he will give the Hyde a reason to go from 14 pitchers to 13 when Hays returns.    Injuries have been a problem for Stewart but over the last 3 years he has played in 77% of his teams game.  That is about the same as Santander. Much better than Hays 59% or Diaz 64% but not close to Mullins 93%. Good Luck DJ.  I hope you are at the top of your game because the O's could use that player.    
    • Personally I find it more constructive and rewarding to riff on the idea of a developmental system and service time manipulation for announcers than I do wildly speculating about what the guy who says names out loud could have possibly done to get himself escorted out of the gates.
    • My supposition is he did something the team found unacceptable very recently.   I’m sure they didn’t like the timing at all.  
    • Let’s look at the six main culprits so far: 1.   Ryan Mountcastle, 11 K’s in 30 PA (36.7%).  21.4% last year. 2.  Trey Mancini, 11 K’s in 31 PA (35.5%).  21.1% in 2019. 3.   Rio Ruiz, 10 K’s in 25 PA (40%). 22.5% last year. 4.  Freddy Galvis, 10 K’s in 29 PA (34.5%).   18.9% last year,. 5.  Pedro Severino, 9 K’s in 23 PA (39.1%).    22.5% last year. 6.  Anthony Santander, 9 K’s in 27 PA (33.3%).   15.2% last year. I’m fairly sure all those are coming down substantially.   The one that worries me most is Mancini, for obvious reasons.    
    • Back on topic here: Valaika and Urias are Titanic deck chairs. I expect Jahmai Jones and Rylan Bannon to be fighting for time at 2B this summer. 
    • If you stick to reportage of your field, Twitter is a useful medium to market one's social media profile and increase followers while well providing knowledge to fans. Using Twitter is a smart outlet to engage when used judiciously. Looks like dude kept pissing off his bosses again and again, for years at a time. He apparently knew he was on thin ice but seemingly kept pushing against his warnings. Looks like his firing was probably of his own volition. Was he only using his "celebrity" to promote Orioles feel-good stories? Obviously "No," even though that would be the expectation of an employee of his level. Was he using his Orioles connection to promote Guinness beer without the corporation paying proper advertising fees? Doubtful! That would be a big violation. Plus, Guinness would happily pay for that promotion, I guarantee it. Or did he want to parlay his Orioles name recognition and resultant "followers" to preach personal opinions that his employer decided they had no desire to possibly experience the backlash from? "Who knew" there might be repercussions? Everyone, including the poster. I get that we all enjoy spouting off -- that's part of what motivates some people to join forums. But Twitter is a soapbox for a lot of people who think they are far more important than what they really are. For various reasons, they share  extemporaneous reactions to the day's events, sometimes not well reflected upon. Bottom line,  it's common that if you use your company's identity as your basis of platform, you will be expected to follow a minimum standard of expectation -- and it doesn't matter one bit what exactly he said now., last year, or three years ago or however many times he tweeted something the organization was rebuffed by. Sad truth: Wagner is an employee at will who displeased his employer. You don't have to like or respect reactions to your social media posts. But you have to navigate it if you want to keep your job. We all have to maneuver our employers' work environments. If we can't, we know the expected outcome. Yeah, you "lose freedom" -  in a way: sometimes when you agree to take big-income,  high-profile jobs, then playing within the employer's parameters is how we agree to act if you want to bank coin. btw: Philip: Online anonymity is something more involved than calling one's self "Joe Shitbotnik," or whatever you said.
    • "As an employee" being the operative word here. So they have control over what he says in his personal life? I guess social media is to blame for personal becoming public. Who knew going public could mean losing freedom?
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