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Former O's pitcher Billy Loes dies

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    • Bad move and I am not going to be excited about it! I gave a list in my last posts of guys they could've taken a shot on in the rule 5. Obviously some of them aren't ready but who cares. They would've saved around 1 million dollars and as long as his glove plays who cares if you are signing a guy that going to get on base as such a low percentage anyway. I honestly thought Elias would move away from the low OBP guys that have been a staple of Orioles baseball for a long time. I understand trading Iglesias for resources ....But I don't see how signing this guy does anything but cost extra money that the Orioles are showing signs of financial distress.
    • I said I was exaggerating! I'm not incorrect in saying that this move is "Dumpster Diving" or the Bottom of Bargain Bin signing! And as @Tony-OH said they could've just gave the at bats to Martin or someone else that we have playing for the minimum. Or draft a guy in the rule 5 that perhaps has a future in MLB baseball. Like Lenyn Sosa, SS, Alfredo Rodriguez, SS , Wenceel Perez, SS , Livan Soto, SS , Leonardo Rivas, SS , Omar Estevez, 2B/SS,  Wander Javier, SS , Arquimedes Gamboa SS, Jordy Barley SS, Kevin Smith SS/3B Players that I highlighted 1) Wander Javier 60 ARM/60 GLOVE 2) Livan Soto   55 ARM/ 60 GLOVE /50 HIT 3) Leonardo Rivas 60 ARM/60 GLOVE/55 HIT (***BB PROSPECTUS 2020) 4) Arquimedes Gamboa 60 ARM/60 GLOVE /60 RUN 5) Jordy Barley 60 ARM/ 55 GLOVE/60RUN 6) Kevin Smith  60 ARM/ 55 GLOVE https://www.mlb.com/news/rule-5-draft-eligible-prospects-2020   AND DONT BE A TROLL!!  
    • Me either, but apparently they believe Galvis is a significantly better player then he's been over the last few years offensively and the major drop off last year defensively was apparently an aberration, because players normally get better at 31.  I don't hate this move, I just don't see what it does all that much. I think they could have player Sanchez at SS and probably gotten the same defense and allowed Valaika or Urias to play 2B every day to see what they have. But hey, why not bring in a 31-year old with bad defensive numbers last year and well below average stick?
    • I just dont understand why anyone would be excited about this move.
    • It was his first year back calling games in 2020 and unless Garceau started cursing during broadcasts last year, he was always going to be in the fold. 
    • We won 14 games last year and 11 games this year doing exactly what I'm saying, and Lamar won an MVP for it last year.  Brees won 12 games this year without really throwing downfield, including beating the bucs twice in the regular season.  Manning won a super bowl in 2016 without being able to throw it deep.  So no, I'm not wrong.  If you don't think Lamar specifically can succeed with midrange passes then I'd like to know why.  But there are plenty of examples of successful QBs within the past 5 years that didn't rely on deep balls.
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