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Suddenly we have Depth at SS

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This is actually a fairly heavily debated issue. The reality is that the average production from 2B is just a hair below that of 3B. Their marginal positional values are subsequently almost identical. Take a look at fangraphs ratings for starting 2B vs. starting 3B and then starting 2B vs. starting SS and you'll see that the consensus opinion is to value production out of the 4 hole similarly to that of the 5 hole.

This is counterintuitive for a couple of reasons. First of all, we tend to group "up the middle guys" into one category and "corner guys" into another. The other reason is that there are a handful of third basemen who are monster bats and they stick in our minds. Even many of the lesser bats at 3B produce their fair share of power. What you see at 2B is generally less power but better contact skills and OBP. There are some awful bats starting at 3B in MLB, but we tend to gloss over them because of the elite bats there.

Despite the fact that average production at 2B and 3B are similar, the fact remains that the ceiling for 3B is much higher. There are a handful of 3B bats that blow most of the best 2B bats out of the water. Considering there are only about 30 starting jobs at any position in the ML, you have to weigh ceiling accordingly. We are dealing with the best of the best. I am posting from a very slow computer but I believe this article discusses some of what I'm saying:


So, the marginal positional value separates 2B and 3B some, but they are still much more similar than 2B and SS.

Must spread rep...blah blah.

Another point to consider too is that it's kind of cyclical. There are periods where you will see a bunch of 2B that are big time hitters, and periods with a bunch of strong armed 3B that are middle of the road hitters, and periods where you'll see defense valued at all 3 positions more so than the offense. It changes all the time, so not taking away from your point at all, just saying that it is the case right now, but it could change in a couple years when say guys like Alvarez and Rendon are added to the 3B stats and lighter hitting good defensive 2B are added to the mix.

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