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8/4: Angels at Orioles

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Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory.

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Yes. Is their by chance any sacarsism in this

No, I guessed it would be a half hour or more so he took off to make dinner.

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The storm is splitting in two on the radar' date=' looks like it will miss downtown.

Could Buck be parting the storms like the Red Sea? :eektf:[/quote']

It really did! Split in half and missed Baltimore. Buck is Moses.

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Flying in to Baltimore tomorrow, wanting to catch 2 games. Anyone hear how the weather is going to be tomorrow eve. Wanted to go Thursday and Friday.

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Good in the field, one play and good throw. Another play he was playing in and the guy RIPPED one straight at him. About tore his glove off for a hit.

Another nice 2 rbi double to left center.

Bell's D has been iffy. He's showing a strong arm, but his throws are erratic. On the plate, he's swinging WAAAYY too much at the pitches in the dirt (a la AJ)

Thanks for the info!

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    • I would think a lot of teams would want to double up on the GCL this year in view of the lost MiL season last year.    So, we’ll have to see if the GCL can accommodate that.  
    • Yep, you're right, I do now remember reading that Elias said he would like to have two GCL teams when discussing losing a current team. Unless I missed it though, I haven't heard it officially yet though. Guess I can check.
    • I already said why it’s foolish in several different posts. 1). There’s no hurry 2). He hasn’t shown to be good enough  3) I want to see how he does with bet tw r weapons and a better system To name a few... As I have said, this version of Lamar is not worth a monster extension.  I just can’t fathom how anyone can believe that to be the case unless your goal is to not win titles.     I think he can become the player who is worth the extension but he has to show it first.  I’m not going to just assume that he will be that guy. BtW, your reasoning was why you sign him to that extension instead of franchising him.  I’m not saying I am for franchising him(and you have TWO more seasons before you have to think about doing this anyway), I am saying that because you have that in your back pocket, there isn’t an immediate hurry to sign him.  You have him under your control for a while.  So, make him prove that he is worth that extension.
    • This is true. I hope it's nothing, but we have definitely seen a history of guys shut down with elbow "strains", feel good over the winter when not pitching, then needing surgery. Let's hope not but I agree, I'll be holding my breath a bit until I see him healthy and throwing well this spring in games.
    • I understand that the O’s are planning to field two GCL teams this year.    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mlb.com/amp/news/orioles-minor-league-affiliates-for-2021.html https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/12/os-expected-to-field-two-gcl-teams-notes-on-shortstop-and-more.html
    • Agreed. I actually like see both him and Hernandez sharing some time at SS or if his arm isn't as strong, slide him over to 2B and see what they look like together.
    • We'll see, but I just don't see Elias concerned over control six years from now with a 25-year old. Plus, we don't know what the next bargaining agreement will hold for free agency or arbitration eligibility. 
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