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8/4: Angels at Orioles

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Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory.

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Yes. Is their by chance any sacarsism in this

No, I guessed it would be a half hour or more so he took off to make dinner.

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The storm is splitting in two on the radar' date=' looks like it will miss downtown.

Could Buck be parting the storms like the Red Sea? :eektf:[/quote']

It really did! Split in half and missed Baltimore. Buck is Moses.

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Flying in to Baltimore tomorrow, wanting to catch 2 games. Anyone hear how the weather is going to be tomorrow eve. Wanted to go Thursday and Friday.

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Good in the field, one play and good throw. Another play he was playing in and the guy RIPPED one straight at him. About tore his glove off for a hit.

Another nice 2 rbi double to left center.

Bell's D has been iffy. He's showing a strong arm, but his throws are erratic. On the plate, he's swinging WAAAYY too much at the pitches in the dirt (a la AJ)

Thanks for the info!

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    • Do you honestly believe that no drafted player has ever increased their demands after being selected? I think your pretty naive if you believe that. Quite frankly there have been a number of players that where drafted and never signed. So obviously MLB teams wanted to take lesser money. The slotting system in baseball in the Rule 6 draft is new and and therefore underslot tactics are as well. In other sports, Players can force a team to deal them after being selected because they couldn’t agree or didn’t want to play for that team.   
    • Only Thorne comes as a mild surprise but after hearing about his contract dispute with the team last year (something I did not remember hearing about last year), it really doesn't come as a surprise. I'm disappointed that they could find a role for Olson who I thought was pretty solid at times on the radio.  Saying that, the writing was on the wall after the changes announced before last year. With all the new blood being added, and the reduced roles for Bordick, Dempsey, Davis, Hunter and Johnson, it really should not be a surprise that they were being transitioned out. A few thoughts on the departed and the people staying on: As others had noted, Bordick had become insufferable to listen to during broadcasts, particularly when he was teamed up with Hunter because it was homerfest. His catch phrases and baseballisms "steaks for RBIs" did not become endearing and made it hard to listen to him. The thing is, his baseball knowledge, which is very high, shown through as the analyst on the post game show where he was able to focus on the analysis and not have to fill time by describing the exact action we just saw (Personal pet peeve of mine because the analyst should be adding analysis to what we just saw, not describe what we are seeing). I personally enjoyed Thorne and it's sad to see him go. His pairing with Jim Palmer was a great telecast, even if he would annoy me at times by calling the wrong pitch types (something he was supposedly talked to about but kept doing). I'll miss Gary's voice, his intelligence, and his humor.  As for the others, sometimes it's time to move on. Yes, they've been around a long time, but with the Orioles under Elias doing things in different ways here, perhaps some fresh voices are needed.  As for the current crew, I'm interested in hearing about their roles for next year. I felt most of the new crew last year were pretty solid. I'm a big fan of Kevin Brown on TV, but his play by play on the radio needs some work and yes, he needs to work on his enthusiasm at times. Not Hunter level of course, but getting a Thorne level for excitement would be good. Saying that, Brown is really up on his statcast information and does a good job of adding those in at times and he has a great announcer voice. Garceau got better as the year went on and became pretty solid. He's a 1st class guy who knows the history of the Orioles and teaming him with McDonald and Palmer should be good.  Arnold was the big "surprise" for me as he was once teamed with Brown a few times on the radio and I enjoyed that duo. Hollander was pretty good in his couple of appearances and Newman really knows her baseball and is up on analytics, but I find her play by play to be uninspiring and hard to follow at times on the radio. Announcers are one of those things that fans generally disagree on because everyone has their own tastes. Some like the homerisms and some like the more measured approach, but in the end, I think the Orioles broadcasts are heading in the right direction.  Hopefully whenever Caleb Joseph retires they can bring him on as an analyst. He would probably be amazing in that role. 
    • Didn't sign Isn't about contract demands at all Didn't sign Player backed down Maybe the player won?  Hard to say because of the circumstances.  The player didn't change demands after being drafted that I can tell which is what you are advocating. Didn't sign Didn't sign Didn't sign Didn't sign Didn't sign None of the 10 involved a player changing his demand after being drafted and the team agreeing to the higher number. If anything this list shows that teams will let a player walk.
    • @ArtVanDelay what is so confusing? Id negotiate the best deal for my son ...not the Orioles 
    • Fair enough, but I think we can agree that it was a small sample size.
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