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Who will be our Arizona Fall League Selections?

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It's the first year in a while where we haven't sent anyone to the AFL who was a big-time prospect for us. None of these pitchers will ever be in our starting rotation, and none of the hitters is very likely to be anything more than a role-player in the major leagues. I'm sure I will follow how these guys do, but I won't be reading any tea leaves regarding their major league futures.

To some extent this just reflects where the talent is in our system now. We have some fine young talent in the big leagues, and a couple of really good pitchers still at AAA (Tillman, Britton) who are beyond the point of needing to go to the AFL. We also have some high-ceiling prospects at the low levels (Machado, Schoop, Givens, Hobgood, Bundy), too young for the AFL. Meanwhile, we don't have many high-profile guys at Bowie or Norfolk, which is where you'd expect most of AFL players to come from. Avery is the only high profile guy who seemed like a fit the AFL this year (so it's definitely a surprise to see him off the list).

It's also true that some of these guys are better prospects now than they were at the start of the season. Ryan Adams has the bat to be a major league regular, perhaps as a DH, and Tyler Townsend has displayed enough power and patience in his limited playing time this year that I would call him a legitimate 1B prospect, if only he can figure out a way to stay healthy in the future.

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Word is Avery will now be heading to AFL.

Confirmed by the Orioles.com:

Bowie outfielder Xavier Avery has been added to the Scottsdale roster for the Arizona Fall League, bringing the Orioles' total to nine.


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    • I don’t care about inning so much as pitch count. The  manager knows a pitchers maximum number of effective pitches, and that number is higher or lower based on effectiveness during that game. We don’t know that number, but Hyde does. When he starts the inning where that effective limit is nigh, get a guy up, because even if the pitcher ends the inning clean he will have reached his maximum, and the new guy will start the next inning anyway. there are always surprises of course but by definition they are unexpected, and shouldn’t drastically alter the basic plan. If the Pitcher has a good five pitch inning, no reason not to let him start the next inning with the same parameters, if he has a 5 pitch inning with three very loud outs, he’s done and the new guy takes the next inning, and so on. so yes, I would have had a guy up in the 5th
    • I think he may have had him without Galvis. Either way, I’ve been more worried about him getting to balls and his internal clock, and they both looked good on that play.
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    • Tommy Milone could be in line for the W tonight against Boston. He came in after the opener and the Jays are up 4-1 in the 5th.
    • I'm sick of us crying broke. No excuse. This guy had 3 years a negative WAR and a fourth year where is WAR was 0.2. Not a guy who is going to help you much. I do admit I thought he was older but that changes nothing. I want young exciting players. Maikel Franco is not the kind of guy that you sign.
    • And IMO, we got worse on offense. We can only hope Hays, Mountcastle and Stewart all get hot and have decent numbers. I have about lost hope in Cisco ever being a productive major leaguer.
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