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9/1: BoSox at Orioles

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Scutaro SS

Drew RF

Martinez C

Ortiz DH

Beltre 3B

Lowrie 2B

Lowell 1B

Nava LF

Kalish CF

Lester P


Roberts 2B

Lugo SS

Markakis RF

Wigginton 1B

Jones CF

Pie LF

Wieters C

Reimold DH

Bell 3B

Arrieta P

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Sure why not.

The O's playing well over .500 baseball for a whole month seemed impossible just 2 months ago, so I think it's safe to say anything is possible at this point. Especially since while it's only the first inning, lester isn't looking* untouchable.

*well, sounding. can't watch the game on TV where i live.

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Nice piece of hitting by Jonesie. Gotta love having Brady in the booth too, the man knows his hitting and does a great job of explaining it too. I really, really enjoyed the LAA series with Palmer and Brady both in the booth.

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Ain't this perty. :D

By the way, what are the chances of Brady being the Hitting Coach next year?

Not sure, but if he does, I'm calling Roberts hitting 50 bombs :D:D

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This is so fun. The Orioles the last 30 games have been such a pleasure. I'm loving it.

Isn't it nice to actually care to watch baseball in August and September?

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    • So it’s Dan’s fault he was told to cut money?   Davis was signed before 16 but they needed the money for Matusz?
    • So it’s possible a player could receive ROY votes this year and still be eligible next year.... MLB needs to say anyone who qualifies for rookie status next year is ineligible this year.  Also I have been saying for years they need to extend the voting. Should have at least go from 3 to 5 places in the voting system. Would create more recognition for players. 
    • I did not think Z had good command last night, but it’s premature and wrongheaded to put him in the same sentence as Daniel Cabrera, who walked 5.2 per 9 in the majors and 4.6 per 9 on the minors.    Z walked 3.2 per 9 in the minors.    I realize that a pitcher can have decent control but poor command, but Cabrera proved over many years that he had little idea where the ball was going, to an extent few Oriole pitchers ever had.     There’s no way I’m putting Z in that category given his track record.    I know that’s not exactly what you were saying, but I wouldn’t even propose it as an analogy because they are completely different types of pitchers. (And Drungo, sorry for the Z thing but Zimmermann is a lot to type.)  
    • LF Hays made a nice catch for Zimmerman. In Game 1 Mountcastle could not quite get an early count foul pop by Meadows in a PA that I think ended up a 10 pitch walk.  I don’t think OAA reads that foul ball but it did seem like one some LF could get.  Long way but also big hang time.
    • o   White Sox Clinch 1st Postseason Berth Since 2008: ‘This Moment is Really Special’ (By Lamond Pope) https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/white-sox/ct-chicago-white-sox-minnesota-twins-20200917-6xydvthatng2tgb53hw2l2gwt4-story.html   o
    • o   White Sox, Rays Secure Berths in the Post-Season (Associated Press) https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2020/09/18/white-sox-rays-secure-berths-in-the-postseason/42656425/   o
    • Just got through the DVR, and here's the lead.  My goodness - that mustache.  It goes right to the childhood McGregor Flanagan reptilian brain stem.  It's hard to see almost anything else. At one look, I'd say it's maybe an interesting call between him and Cobb for Game 5 next year, while whatever shenanigans/surgeries with Baumann, Hall, Rodriguez (and to a lesser extent Smith/Lowther) are waited out. I heard the Driveline last offseason report, but that hits me wrong for 4-pitch mix guys.  I think I think the devil's bargain of the Driveline-type proposition is you give feel and get dominance.  I see Savant had him at 30 FB, 10 SL, 10 CH, so will be curious to see if a 4th pitch comes out in Turn 2. Great story, and could certainly be a once through order or up/down guy for peak Rutschman teams but would hazard a guess that his IP count medium to long term is probably negatively correlated with team success.  Akin has splashed the pool to grow the group to 6 of "SP's I hope make 150+ starts/OpenerFollows for the 2021 Orioles", but I think Lopez, Smith and Lowther are more my 7/8/9 guys, never mind the Fulmers and Stewarts of the waiver wire. I do hope Zimmermann and all those others have somewhere to continue hot (warm, at least) games in October, whether in Bowie, or at some Super Arizona Fall League to be named later.  October/November Super Arizona Fall League could be like the Futures Game every day if anything could be concocted after the World Series.  Darn tootin I want to see Grayson Rodriguez trying to get Wander Franco out then.  
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