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9/1: BoSox at Orioles

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Scutaro SS

Drew RF

Martinez C

Ortiz DH

Beltre 3B

Lowrie 2B

Lowell 1B

Nava LF

Kalish CF

Lester P


Roberts 2B

Lugo SS

Markakis RF

Wigginton 1B

Jones CF

Pie LF

Wieters C

Reimold DH

Bell 3B

Arrieta P

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Sure why not.

The O's playing well over .500 baseball for a whole month seemed impossible just 2 months ago, so I think it's safe to say anything is possible at this point. Especially since while it's only the first inning, lester isn't looking* untouchable.

*well, sounding. can't watch the game on TV where i live.

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Nice piece of hitting by Jonesie. Gotta love having Brady in the booth too, the man knows his hitting and does a great job of explaining it too. I really, really enjoyed the LAA series with Palmer and Brady both in the booth.

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Ain't this perty. :D

By the way, what are the chances of Brady being the Hitting Coach next year?

Not sure, but if he does, I'm calling Roberts hitting 50 bombs :D:D

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This is so fun. The Orioles the last 30 games have been such a pleasure. I'm loving it.

Isn't it nice to actually care to watch baseball in August and September?

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    • The .377 was a fluke.  But he did also hit .344 in the AFL that Fall, too.   Do I think he’s a potential .300+ hitter as a major leaguer?   Not at all.    But a guy who can play a solid major league CF doesn’t have to hit a ton to be a useful player.    His career MiL line of .264/.350/.387 would do the trick just fine if he could pull that off in the majors.    
    • I don’t think so.    I have a college degree and a law degree.    My wife has a college degree and two masters’ degrees.   All three of my kids have college degrees, from pricey private colleges that we paid for in full.   One of them has a graduate degree as well.    I totally understand the value of a good education (which is different than “intelligence”). But Kjerstad is a guy who chose to enter the draft before he’d finished college and take a pile of money to play professional athletics.    In my mind (and probably by contract), he’s obligated to give his employer priority over completing his degree, which plenty of players do without declining their professional obligations.    Now understand, I don’t think Kjerstad did this.   I believe he was unable to participate for medical reasons and decided to use the time to continue his education, which is great.    But I wouldn’t agree with it if he had simply chosen to blow off Fall Instructs to take classes.      
    • So now the goalpost is if makes an impact on his major league career the next season?  That's quite a jump.  I will say that one year of age when a player is making his MLB debut can hugely impact his future earnings. No one in this thread is suggesting that he shouldn't finish his degree at some point.  Also intelligence and education aren't the same thing.    Of course odds are very good that the speculation of him not being able to attend the camp and instead using his time to work on his degree is correct.
    • Yes, a player COULD benefit from the instruction league, even though its a fact that no one has ever benefited enough to be a starter on the major league level the following year, AND he COULD also be in an auto accident and not be able to play any sports. How much is the Instruction League going to help him then.  The topic of this thread is about the player, but the real discussion is about each Poster's value system . . . intelligence or athletics!
    • You must have seen a different guy than I saw.  He committed 4 errors in 9 games.  3 of those at SS.  From his minor league history I think he might have a chance at 2B but not SS.
    • I would say that's crazy, but after this year, I'd say nothing is out of the question.  The only thing they have going for them is they have a successful major league season under their belt with no deaths and limited interruptions (not surprisingly). Even if they don't want to have a season at all the stadiums and all the travel, they should be able to have a Florida and Arizona camp leagues like they should of had this year.
    • I’d say maybe yes, maybe no. He spends 4-5 weeks playing with and against other professionals, gets some coaching, gets some eyes on him and they give him a program for what to do over the winter based on that experience and maybe he gets some of his own ideas of what he needs to work on based on that experience.   That gives him a leg up on next year compared to not doing it.   If they thought Fall Instructs didn’t benefit players, they wouldn’t do them, right?
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