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9/1: BoSox at Orioles

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A great time for Nolan to show what hes got again...

I'd love to see one of those hustle IF singles he had last year.

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I'd love to see one of those hustle IF singles he had last year.

Well hes already doing the "yeah, whatever I will take a dozen pitches."

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So let's see..for 2011....Hendrickson- gone, Simon-gone,

Johnson- stays if healthy, Uehara- would re-sign him to a lower contract , Gonzalez- stays if healthy, Albers-gone, Vandenhurk- who knows??

It seems like we are going to have a couple of bullpen holes to fill in the offseason along with everything else...so what else is new?

You must have short term memory!! What about Hernandez???:confused:

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    • Ben predicts pitches regularly and is very informative. Is Ben on all of the shortened season games? I hope so. He is awesome! I think somehow he is helping the players and coaches. Not illegally just being around. Scott doesn't have much enthusiasm but think he will get better. I think no fans makes him that way. Ben is fantastic and holds things together.  Change is good!
    • I agree with everything said. The cutouts and noise will keep the players from getting bored or falling asleep.
    • Can't say I've been enjoying the commentary. Garceau has the same mispronunciations and inaccuracies as Thorne but without any of the energy and excitement. Ben McDonald just goes on about productive at-bats and bunting like it's 1990. Palmer had a little bit of that too, but he seems to have kept up with the advances in the game more, despite being 20 years older. The one positive is that McDonald identifies the pitches correctly and is pretty good at describing a pitcher's repertoire.
    • Horn blasts arent phony.  There's a group of 10 or 12 real fans who go to a gate of the stadium where they can see a tiny sliver of the field through bars and they sit in lawn chairs and stand on ladders and follow the game and blow horns and do some chants.  They wear masks and say they social distance.  The Phillies even turned on TVs over concession stands in their view so they can watch the game. They call themselves the Phandemic Crew or something like that. Aaron Boone and the Yankees actually complained about them saying the horn blasts were timed with pitches just like fans who try to disturb golfers by making noise just as they swing. Google Phandemic, you'll find articles about the m.
    • I like it.     Thought it was really a fun vibe in Philly.    I like their phony crowd noise too, complete with random horn blasts.    Overall, I think the sound engineers are getting better at what they’re doing with experience.   
    • Having watched or heard bits of several games on both TV and radio, I’m very pleased with this year’s broadcast crews, including the folks on the postgame shows. Scott Garceau and Ben McDonald have been very solid on TV — especially McDonald, who’s really good at passing along his knowledge and observations.    Bordick is much better on the postgame than on the broadcasts, and a big upgrade over Dempsey IMO.    Whoever he’s been paired with has been solid.     On radio, I’ve really liked what Geoff Arnold brings to the table, and Melanie Newman has been solid as well.    Overall, there’s a lot to like here.    
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