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9/1: BoSox at Orioles

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We seem to do better against pitchers that throw strikes (Cliff Lee/Lester) than wild pitchers. We hack away regardless.

You do realize Lester is 13-0 against us, right?

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    • There's a ton of pitchers in the division who have had good seasons at one point or another but whose careers have been derailed by injury or decline, or who are coming back from significant injuries.   Richards, Cobb, Wacha, Kluber, Taillon, Sale, Rodriguez, Richards.   I can imagine each guy on that list providing absolutely nothing to their team this season (zero or negative war) -- but each one of them could also put up a good season if they are healthy and the circumstances are right. If Paxton or Archer signs with an AL East team, that would be two more names to that list. Which guys on that list provide nothing, and which guys at least competently fill a rotation slot for most of the season or even excel, will go a long way to determining what happens in the division this year. But as Sportsguy points out, there are also a lot of young unproven guys with some potential that will be in ALE rotations.    It's amazing how few guys there are in the entire division that you can just pretty much say barring an injury they will give you an established, expected level of performance -- Glasnow, Cole, Ryu, maybe Martin Perez.   Is that it?
    • As a hockey fan first and foremost, I have always had a dislike of Gary Thorne for his obvious hatred of certain teams at all costs - mispronouncing names on purpose (how can you can call it wrong for years in that business?) and his seeming dis-interest at times.  Whenever he would call a hockey game i would turn the sound off to enjoy the game instead of listening to him.  As a lifelong Orioles fan - I often chose to listen to the radio calls over the tv voices.  I really enjoyed Jon Miller doing the weekly games but not as an Oriole pbp man.  He annoyed the hell out of me for always trying to be cute with the same stories over and over instead of calling what was going on.  I'm sure i am in the minority but i loved the Mel Proctor/John Lowenstein combo on HTS.  I like what i've heard from Ben McDonald and B Rob.  I couldn't bring myself to pay for the MLB network last year and am on the fence if i'm going to do so this year.  Probably just catch the free games when i can.  I tend to be much busier outside from spring through fall anyway.  I'm still a damn box score junkie and read everything i can.  Being a couple states away from easy local coverage makes it tougher but i wouldn't trade it for anything.
    • I’m not sure that defense improves with age. Nunez’ speed is below average and getting slower, and I don’t know how common footwork or inaccurate throws improve. I’d still prefer someone more versatile, but I trust Mike.
    • I kind of feel like this is an impossible situation for the Ravens.  What's the right number of times to throw the ball on a team that averages 5.5 yards a rush?  Most teams, and especially most teams with playoff aspirations, are going to be calling plays that give you the biggest chance to win, and for the ravens I'm pretty sure that means running the ball around 55-60% of the time.   I'd also frankly feel better about taking off the "training wheels" as you say if the Ravens had a better passing game OC and a better receiver or two.   Steelers x1, he missed the other one because of COVID-19. He beat some good teams this year.  Browns x2 (can't believe I'm calling the Browns a good team btw) Titans in the playoffs, Colts.  We won 11 games and lost 4 with him under center.  In 13 seasons with Flacco under center for the Ravens, he only won more regular season games in a single season.  He also beat some good teams last year.
    • For me it is an will be Joe until Lamar proves he can be that player in the playoffs. Part of the criticism with Boller back in the day had to do with really poor decisions under pressure. Did Lamar really do that this season? He performed poorly during the season against the Chiefs, Steelers X2, Patriots, and Titans. Sure there are other excuses for why we didn't win those games and for any loss for that matter. But, If you are going to credit him when they win, he needs to be held accountable when they lose. Is it fun to watch them put 30+ on the leagues mediocre to poor teams? Sure I have said it for a while now that Lamar plays tight when games are tight or we are behind. I get that many QBs have the same problem, Mahomes seems to perform very well when his team is behind. The point here is that Jackson will want as close to Mahomes' contract that he can get which is obviously elite player money.
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