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9/1: BoSox at Orioles

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We seem to do better against pitchers that throw strikes (Cliff Lee/Lester) than wild pitchers. We hack away regardless.

You do realize Lester is 13-0 against us, right?

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    • o   Ryan Yarbrough )is the antithesis of his 2 teammates )(Tyler Glasnow and Blake Snell))in regard to Hit Batsmen ...... he led the Major Leagues in that category this past season, having plunked 7 opposing batters in only 55.67 Innings Pitched. But unlike his teammates )(Glasnow and Snell), )Yarbrough has a very low Walk-rate ...... in the 2020 regular season, Snell's Walk-Rate over 55.67 Innings Pitched was only 1.940. And for his entire Major League career over 3 seasons from 2018 through 2020, his Walk-Rate over 344.67 Innings Pitched is just 2.141.      (WORLD SERIES) ))))) [GAME FOUR]   LOS ANGELES DODGERS Markus Lynn Betts - RF Corey Seager - SS Justin Turner - 3B Maxwell Muncy - 1B William Smith - C Cody James "C.J." Bellinger - CF Allen Lorenz "A.J." Pollock - DH Christopher Armand Taylor, Jr. - LF Enrique Javier "E.J." Hernandez - 2B Julio Cesar Urias Acosta - LHP )) (3-0, 3.27 ERA) TAMPA BAY DEVIL R AYS Yandy Diaz Fernandez - 1B    Randy Arozarena - DH Michael Brosseau - 3B  Manuel Margot Gomez - LF Brandon Lowe - 2B  Willy Rafael Luna Adames - SS Dustin Hunter Renfroe - RF Michael Zunino - C Kevin James "K.J." Kiermaier - CF  Ryan Christian Yarbrough - LHP )) (2-2, 4.74 ERA) ) *   * ) Led the Major Leagues in Wild Pitches (7)   https://www.mlb.com/starting-lineups   o
    • Yaz was the exact definition of filler.  
    • Well, if I may continue my musician comparison, I’ve had many students come to me with problems that the previous teacher had not solved. And I have solve those problems. So the question is why did not the previous teacher solve those problems? Again, it’s all water under the bridge, and there’s not really any reason to rehash It, but I stand by what I said, and I’m not the only person who thinks that way.
    • The non-tender deadline is going to be fun. I don’t know where we are in the waiver line, but that will be a fun time as well. regarding pitching, we should take a flier on Collin McHugh. He was injured this season, but he had signed with the Red Sox for only $800,000 or so, and risking that much isn’t unreasonable at all. havent checked to see which 3B guys might be available but it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone better than Ruiz.
    • Again, it wasn't a mistake. He learned something that made him better. I don't even think they taught him it. I think he learned it somewhere. The bloodlines were there, never the skills. He's Buster Douglas. Just a fluke and took advantage of the opportunity. 
    • I mostly agree with your posts. This one I don't. It's not lazy. It's insane what he has done. And really. It's not even that much. 
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