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9/1: BoSox at Orioles

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We seem to do better against pitchers that throw strikes (Cliff Lee/Lester) than wild pitchers. We hack away regardless.

You do realize Lester is 13-0 against us, right?

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    • Here's an example, Ken Williams, the Browns outfielder from the 1920s.  In this picture he's 32 years old.  If you saw someone like that today you'd assume he's 50, and maybe not in great health.
    • In 1996 the Orioles signed or otherwise acquired Roberto Alomar, BJ Surhoff, Todd Zeile, David Wells, Randy Myers, Roger McDowell, and had recently picked up Bobby Bonilla and Scott Erickson.  Sure, they were drawing almost four million fans a year and other teams with ridiculous RSNs printing cash weren't a thing.  They'd had winning records each of the four prior seasons.  In the end the payroll was totally unsustainable and the average age of the team a couple years later was about 36. Whatever, that should be every year!
    • Can someone post the Passan piece from 2016?
    • It's what good message-boarding has been about for over 20 years.  Good thing it is only Orioles fans who think they can sign the top free agents every off-season.
    • Players at risk in my mind: Austin Wynns - 30-year old AAAA back up catchers usually aren't a big commodity Cole Sulser - He'll pitch at 31 years next year and if you shake a minor league AAAA tree, 30 Sulser's drop out. Jorge Lopez - This guy has been give more major league chances than a cat has lives but keeps putting up similar numbers. Still would like to see him in a relief role before dumping him. Tom Eshleman - Was a good long guy/swing man last year and is cheap, but he's a guy that needs pinpoint command for his well below average stuff to work. Shawn Armstrong- Mainly because he'll be arbitration eligible and 30-years old next year. I'd love to say Chris Davis, but Davis seems intent on getting every last dime owed to him despite the fact he hasn't earned his paycheck in three plus years. It does not appear Elias has the power to release him. in fact, the orioles may not have the money to release him so expect him to continue to keep stepping in the Ubaldo puddle for the rest of his time in Baltimore.  
    • Everyone has to make their own decisions based on their own risk profiles. I'm just saying he missed a golden opportunity with his decision. I don't have an issue with anyone making their own choices on the matter, but it makes sense to move him off the 40-man.
    • https://www.orioleshangout.com/2020/10/30/30-2020-prospect-tyler-nevin-1b-3b/
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