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9/1: BoSox at Orioles

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We seem to do better against pitchers that throw strikes (Cliff Lee/Lester) than wild pitchers. We hack away regardless.

You do realize Lester is 13-0 against us, right?

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    • Nevin is a prospect at 23 years old.  1B is his best position.  He will probably stays on the 40 man roster all year. Shaw is an organizational player at 27.  His best position is Bat thus DH.  He is likely to be DFA'd to get him off the 49 man  roster.
    • Barry Bonds did ok...    
    • If Ayala can improve his shooting that would be awesome.  Today was a good start.  I think Wiggins needs to improve his handles and slashing game to be the scorer that would need.  His catch and shoot game is pure.   Gonna need Marial to improve his offensive game as well.  We already know he will defend the rim (theoretically).  Needs to work on his conditioning.  Ultimately I think our lack of interior presence will be our demise, unless Smith and Scott really ball their face off. We have that Swiss guy Revas as well, I'm not expecting much from him though.  The lack of backcourt depth also might hurt unless Dockery and Smart grow quickly.  Can Ayala be the primary ball handler and distributor?  Maybe. I don't think this team will fall off as badly as most think.  Like you said, Morsell/Ayala/Wiggins will keep us in most games.  If Scott and Hamilton (who was a top 100 recruit going into BC) can step up then I think we could surprise some people.  I see us sneaking into the tournament as a 7-10 seed.  
    • It’s a supply and demand thing.  Whether someone offers X amount of dollars is irrelevant.  The Os And their structure, could use his bat and his production.   Most teams don’t have that combo of at bats and money they can spend on a player with his skill set.     The Os do...and the idea that other teams chose not to do it is irrelevant to his value to this organization.  The idea that they may be looking into Puig (conjecture) and brought on a LH DH type at REINFORCES the idea that this is salary driven, not producing driven imo.     My only argument with this decision is that this isn’t solely or even largely driven by roster management despite what Elias says.  He is lying for management.
    • Your tone of authority when you are clearly in a fog is admirable.  Anyone who thought his arbitration number was a bargain, as you suggest, could have offered a warm body to secure his services before he hit the open market.  What won't make sense is if any team offers him 2M or more now that he's available to any team that wants him.
    • There are three vaccines, possibly four or five, if you trust the Chinese and Russians. Every factory on the world is going to be producing them. We may delay the start of spring training(only three months away) but I don’t think the season will start late. We may have distanced crowds, though.
    • No, it absolutely is the formula and what’s he’s worth.  That’s a fact. However, there are only a few teams that need a DH, so it’s not surprising that the market isn’t there..plus, you have announced that you are cutting him, so why trade for him with so little completion?
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