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9/1: BoSox at Orioles

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We seem to do better against pitchers that throw strikes (Cliff Lee/Lester) than wild pitchers. We hack away regardless.

You do realize Lester is 13-0 against us, right?

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    • I would say that's crazy, but after this year, I'd say nothing is out of the question.  The only thing they have going for them is they have a successful major league season under their belt with no deaths and limited interruptions (not surprisingly). Even if they don't want to have a season at all the stadiums and all the travel, they should be able to have a Florida and Arizona camp leagues like they should of had this year.
    • I’d say maybe yes, maybe no. He spends 4-5 weeks playing with and against other professionals, gets some coaching, gets some eyes on him and they give him a program for what to do over the winter based on that experience and maybe he gets some of his own ideas of what he needs to work on based on that experience.   That gives him a leg up on next year compared to not doing it.   If they thought Fall Instructs didn’t benefit players, they wouldn’t do them, right?
    • Honestly, I don't think you can say that. You are probably right but maybe they uncover a swing adjustment that he can take into the offseason and perfect?  It's conceivably possible that his career could be impacted. As for what is more important?  This is hardly the only chance he has to work on his degree and it's pretty unlikely that having a degree in recreation and sport management will make a difference in the next year or so.  I'd say working on his degree right now isn't that important compared with professional baseball.  
    • Interesting Reading this thread: It's a fact that no one on this board has perused his contract . . . potential clause for getting his degree or not! It's a fact that no one has knowledge of anything discussed between the Orioles and him beyond the contract. It's a fact that no one here is aware of his medical condition.  It's a fact that his degree earned will be his for a lifetime. Now, what's more important, him getting his degree or playing for a few weeks? Is playing for the Orioles during this short 2020 period going to have ANY impact on his career? NO
    • No surprises in the first four players waived off the 40-man. David Hess has had many chances, but his straight fastball and lack of consistent stuff will never really play at the major league level. Andrew Velazquez  showed he was decently versatile, but also showed his previous inability to hit was his level of hitting. Slow bat, just doesn't bring enough to hold down a utility job unless a team is just looking for versatility and no bat. Kohl Stewart former first round pick decided to be one of the few major leaguers to opt out due to COVID despite having a real chance at make a major league starting rotation for the first time. No issues with letting a guy go who gave up a golden opportunity at the big league level. Branden Kline Got good results in his three outings but his changeup and slider actually backed up in movement. At 29-years old, he's not a spring training.
    • I agree. Urias is a better overall hitter and fielder than Alberto. His defense was much better than was reported. He was supposedly a fringe 2B, but played well at SS in limited games. His hands looked soft and quick, and the arm and range were average. 
    • I appreciate that he helped us lose games to get a higher pick.
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