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9/1: BoSox at Orioles

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We seem to do better against pitchers that throw strikes (Cliff Lee/Lester) than wild pitchers. We hack away regardless.

You do realize Lester is 13-0 against us, right?

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    • The reason he stopped taking them after locking down the big contract is the same reason he won't just walk away and retire.  Two syllables, rhymes with shmoney.... 
    • I don't have any personal animosity toward RZNJ.  It's a message board.
    • I guess it depends on the mindset.  If the big contract was the important thing to you I can see why you wouldn't want to risk losing money by testing positive.
    • Obviously, it's money related but it's also roster related. They believe, and I believe, that they won't lose anything with the extra AB's Stewart and Mullins are likely to get with this move.  Good point by SG for keeping Nunez for depth for now but the better point by Frobby.  At 26 years old Elias apparently feels Nunez is what he is.  A 750-820 OPS go with no defensive value and extremely streaky.  Is it worth 2M to make sure that's all he is?  
    • Beats me.  But I don't believe anyone who's had a bit of success at the ML level while juicing stops taking them, especially after they've bagged a big contract.  
    • I will say it seems strange that Nunez doesn't have some trade value vs a DFA. His avg exit velocity really fell off last year but his WOBA  has increased every year he's been with the Orioles to his career best .341 (MLB avg of .317) though his xWOBA fell to .301 (.321 MLB average) suggesting he was a little lucky last year. His defensive really fell off to the point that he's a DH, which of course puts a lot of pressure on his bat. With Mancini returning, and Stewart needing everyday at bats and an outfield that is getting crowded in a good way (Mountcastle, Stewart, Hays, Santander and Mullins and Diaz at some point perhaps), he's in a bit of a roster crunch.  I'd like to think a guy who was on pace to hit 30+ home runs at 26 years old with a good solid barrel percentage (80 MLB percentile) would have more value, but with offensive numbers continuing to rise, I guess is you bring no defensive value your bat needs to be special, and Nunez is a streaky hitter who can be special at times, but eventually ends up slightly better than average offensively.  Do I think money is involved in this decision? Yeah, I think it would be naïve to say that his arbitration number wasn't a factor. Was it the only factor, no because as I pointed out, there's going to be a crunch for PAs next year between 1B, DH and corner outfield.  As for Davis, it's quite clear that with COVID still lingering, the question on whether a full season will happen next year looms big on whether to finally cut bait on him. It's clear that Davis has no intention of doing the right thing and retiring, so he will continue to embarrass himself and any remaining legacy so he can cash some big checks in the future that he hasn't earned. It's certainly his right to do so. Also, with the CBA coming up, maybe the Orioles think they will save money from his albatross contract if the players strike? It's clear he's only still on the roster because the Orioles are exploring all ways to try and get out of paying him. Nunez was a decent stick, but his defensive woes really cut onto his value and at the end of the day, it seems Elias has decided he rather give those DH at bats to others.  
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