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  2. You guys wanna keep stroking yourselves over crabcakes or talk about Servideo?
  3. I dislike him, and so do many, and he’s earned it. It is disingenuous for anyone to insinuate that there are no reasons to wish him gone. However, let’s focus on just this situation and just the article from yesterday. Manfred Said that there was never any intention to have a season longer than 60 games, which contradicts everything he had said prior to that. That certainly seems to me as if he was “bargaining in bad faith” and that is why I posted the question. I’m not a lawyer and requested insight. Meanwhile, in the recent poll, I personally voted that there would be no baseball at all. I think the situation is being poorly handled, and if we couldn’t have baseball in April, “for safety reasons” then how can we possibly have baseball in July, when the situation is worse? The claim that safety is the reason they can’t have a season longer than 60 games is bogus. Yes, I dislike Manfred, and I wish he were not commissioner. But he has earned the animosity, and just just from me, and probably not from a minority of fans, either. If you think he’s ok, that’s fine. I’ve expressed myself and that’s fine too. The next commissioner will hopefully spend the first part of his tenure un-doing as much as possible of the bad that Manfred has done.
  4. I think it was more about Reinsdorf and LaRussa being leaders at the table. He was their guy and they championed him hard.
  5. Dang, you really hate Manfred! The reaction to Manfred's comment hasn't been great and probably not what he was hoping for at all. But, saying that it's a clear admission of collusion and bad faith is a big, big stretch. The COVID-19 situation changes daily and hourly. I don't think MLB can be locked into any agreement during a really unprecedented time when no one knows what to expect next. That 82 game offer came when things were looking pretty good, relatively speaking - now there is a pretty big resurgence in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California that has everyone pretty worried.
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  7. It's a crab cake. It doesn't take a lot of technical skill. For me, the ability to customize doneness and ingredients makes what I do at home superior for my palate. For instance I like to put crab mustard in with the crab meat.
  8. I mean, he's not wrong. But he's also an idiot for saying this. And a trash commish overall. At the end of the day, they almost certainly won't play the full 60, much less beyond that. But I'd be thrilled to be wrong! (As long as it meant everyone generally made it through safely.)
  9. I know how to cook a lot of things but it doesn't mean that I'll cook it better than a professional chef.
  10. Yeah this. It's just not going to be like normal ST where Roch is feeding us tidbits on the regular. Which is fine! But we should set expectations of what we'll hear out of camp.
  11. Me, either. What (slightly) offends me is the 56 other guys who were just as good who aren't.
  12. It just sucks because losing Cruz led to us trading Tarpley and Brault for Snider. Then we compounded the mistake even further by trading Davies for Parra.
  13. Morris was 7-1, 2.60 in the postseason prior to his poor run in 1992. So, he did deserve his reputation for being good in the postseason, but then he undid it. Objectively, he was a very good pitcher but probably a little short of what I’d expect from a Hall of Famer. But it doesn’t offend me that he’s in there.
  14. There has to be a very, very long list of decisions made in the history of the world by old guys in power giving the middle finger to new guys who've figured out a better way.
  15. I think the Morris vote, as well as the Baines vote now that I think about it, was to troll the stat guys.
  16. Have to keep the oil hot. You can't overload the fryer.
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