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  2. Those look dope! Christmas can't come soon enough.
  3. I've never seen his fastball as a 60. The stuff is pretty good though, I've seen him live a couple times in A+ ball. I always thought he was a little overrated, not much feel to pitch. I bet the thought is a release adjustment in an attempt to improve fastball command and velocity. It looks like his fastball is cutting some and that he could pronate a little earlier. Not sure, because the video isn't great, but that'd add velocity and should improve his ability to command the pitch. He does look like he's lost athleticism from his top prospect days as his body has filled out though.
  4. Obviously Sisco's are of a major league level.
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  6. So the Tigers valued 38-39 guys higher than this guy. Wild must be an understatement if he really does have a 60/60 top two pitches.
  7. Make a devastating late reliever out of him with the 60-60 FB and SL.
  8. He is somewhat handcuffed by the Angelos boys. I think he will do the best he can. IMO
  9. No championship series roster is made up of 25 all stars. Some think that's neccessary. But of the 100 guys on championship rosters last year less than 10% were means types finds. If you want to build a championship roster it's going to cost money (~$147 million on average over the last ten years.) That's why I understand breaking down the roster and getting rid of bad contracts while building from the ground up. But at the Orioles level of payroll allocation this year, its more about saving money (or if your cynical making money) than anything else. The Orioles could easily pay some money for some flippable free agents, its fine every year and it's a model several mid market teams use.
  10. Apparently Randy Bass got paid $350K in 1986 to shave off his beard for a Gillette commercial. Think of the bubble gum endorsements Adam could rake in!
  11. JMO but I doubt the O's spend more than 2.5m on any FA this off season.
  12. My fault. That was great.
  13. From what I have read Cumberland may be a pretty good hitter if he can stay healthy. But his defensive skills at catcher may never be at major league level.
  14. The Official Anthony Santander International Fan Club.
  15. Nunez or Ruiz for "International Money" or PTBNL.
  16. Sharp is a really solid Rule 5 candidate, just not my favorite. Garcia is a guy who popped 100 once in instructs but hadn't been doing it in games. It's funny because the year he had wasn't that bad for a Rule 5 guy, he just regressed from there though.
  17. Peter Angelos originally owned about 60 percent. Within a couple of years after Tom Clancy's death in 2013, I tried to figure out what Angelos's interest was. Based on a few pieces of information, which I can't now remember, I estimated it was around 80 percent. We're not supposed to know who owns what.
  18. i wasn't mad. I wanted to understand how I have been heavy handed so I could improve. 

  19. We're not going to London any time soon?
  20. Agreed. Maybe Holt and company can sprinkle some magic dust and improve the command. If so, there's plenty of ceiling compared to the cost.
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