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  2. That 2019 strike out rate is what makes me think the muscle gain is pretty irrelevant. If you can't hit the ball. If you count in his walks and hit by pitches. He is not even hitting the ball 51.2% of the time he comes up to the plate. Part of why I really don't like guys like Davis is they are so boring to watch. Even in his best season 42 percent of the time he didn't hit the ball. Compare that to Adam Jones on a downward season of 2017 where he didn't hit the ball in 23 percent of his plate appearances. Guys like Davis just ruin the sport for me. I can't stand watching them. Even if he has some sort of comeback season where he hits .220 and has 25 home runs it won't be enjoyable for me.
  3. Adley adjusting to the Pro's. I hope he plays in some ST games. TTP for our pitchers (no one mentioned this? :)) The young OF'ers & pitchers (projected AAA rotation).
  4. To be fair, the bug has hit several of the players. Exactly, I think they are doing this with any player showing the signs of illness. Seams like it happens just about every spring camp.
  5. Totally back of the napkin math, but based on 2019 numbers: Raising team OBP by .005 points would raise the opposing pitch count in the same manner as increasing team Pitches Per Plate Appearance by .0148. All thing being equal you could make the average opposing pitchers throw 5 more pitches a game by raising your team OBP from .323 (lgAvg) to .363 or by increasing you team PperPA from 3.93 (lgAvg) to 4.05.
  6. If he's sick I don't want him getting the useful players ill.
  7. LOL, this guy is really something. The only thing you can bet he'll show up for is his paycheck Of course with direct deposit he doesn't have to be there for that either.
  8. I laughed. I mean it is highly suspect gaining that much muscle that quickly.
  9. At least Davis would have a bench buddy. Also, they could bank together.
  10. I suggested it as he got considerably larger one off-season with the Orioles. And before he turned 32 he had less power than Rich Dauer. Then all of sudden his power numbers go up. And he hits 20 at age 35.
  11. Thanks, I’m here for you guys. They have a different group of readers and they bust their ass to meet their objectives too. It’s been fun re-meeting some of them and learning from them too. And it’s only week 1!
  12. The other bright side is that the Terps continually show the ability to "turn it back on" when they need to when things get close. It would be nice if this team could focus for all 40 minutes. Saying that, Northwest did play very well during that span which highlighted even more.
  13. Pretty sure I've already said that I don't see the O's making a move of that sort.
  14. That is correct, do you have anybody in mind?
  15. Are we the Dodgers now? I don’t foresee that happening. Sure I’d cut him but it’s not my money. If Davis isn’t cut, Trumbo wasn’t cut, Ubaldo wasn’t cut...I mean I know it’s a hypothetical situation we’re talking about but it just doesn’t make any sense to me.
  16. Unless Rutschman is going to catch 162 games, a lefty hitting backup catcher that can play passable defense would come in pretty handy.
  17. Has there ever been a suggestion that Mike Bordick used steroids? I haven’t heard that before. On the one hand, I think most of the specific players Canseco called out for using steroids ultimately admitted it after vehemently denying it at first, or later tested positive for steroids. And on the other hand, I think 85% is a number he pulled out of his ass and would have no real way of knowing.
  18. This was an awesome report, even by your lofty standards. It’s great having your perspective. Lots of stuff here that the beat reporters don’t have the space or the inclination to cover.
  19. I would add that the more effective way to run up pitch counts is likely through chaining hits/on base events together, rather than maximizing individual PA pitch counts.
  20. Yeah the 3 guys on the team he wasn't shooting up with steroids in the locker room. You know his teammates like Mark Mcguire, Rafael Paleirmo, Jason Giambi. And one of the guys he probably was laughing at was Mike Bordick who was using later when he got to the Orioles.
  21. Today
  22. And I agree with everything you say here. I’m not surprised that FG would be less bullish on More BA driven OBP.
  23. I think the concept of running up pitch counts is incredibly overrated in these parts. Probably because the Yankees and Red Sox used to do it to the O's in the steroid era. I don't think getting to the bullpen a hitter or two earlier is going to make much difference in a three game series.
  24. Yep. And I agree with that. It just seemed that for a while all that mattered to a certain segment of the OH were getting on base via the walk and taking a bunch of pitches per plate appearance, base hits be damned.
  25. You could cut him. Or eat 75% of his salary and flip him. Myers isn't the important part, it's the effective buying of prospects.
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