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  1. I don’t believe there will be baseball this season at all. Why have any season at all? 2020 baseball season is kaput. IMO
  2. Wasn’t the W on their cap when Walter Johnson played?
  3. I just don’t want the DH put in the NL. I’m old school. Been a fan since the 50’s.
  4. Dear God I sure hate he has cancer. Prayers for him and family and friends.
  5. I didn’t know that about him. Part of Earl’s staff.
  6. I enjoy reading about players that played back on those days. Baseball history is very interesting to me.
  7. Being in Texas and with family in Houston and having been an Astros fan when they were in the NL. I’m still a fan. Pissed me off when the MLB jackasses moved them to the AL. Don’t get me wrong I’m still an O’s fan. Fan since 1959.
  8. I sure hope they find a cure forccoronavirus and life gets back to normal. With baseball of course.
  9. I hope everyone stays safe. I sure will miss baseball. ?
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