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  1. My mood just improved dramatically. Crazy ST game!
  2. Norby is also nursing a side-soreness injury.
  3. So Gunnar’s oblique is more troubling than we thought, and Holliday will be at SS leaving 2B depth a little lean?
  4. Daniel Johnson trying to get some love in the game today (2/27). Don’t know much about him yet but will certainly be doing some research on him. He played LF today but no audio or TV so no idea about his defense, but he sure looks like he can hit. 3 for 3 - single, double, triple - with 2 runs scored
  5. Armbruester had himself a game. 3 IP, 1 H, 4 K, 0 BB. Mayo too, 2 for 2 (both singles), with a walk in his third PA.
  6. Didn't realize the price was that high. Just figure we have so much position player wealth, and the more time that passes, the more likely they get injured or exposed. Of course I know Elias is pursuing anything he can. But Perez is the shiny object that really has my attention at the moment.
  7. Sorry I missed Baumann streaking hehehe Seriously tho, this is a helluva lot of work and is really appreciated!
  8. Not sure when this interview was conducted, but was posted today shortly after the game ended.
  9. Thanks, was wondering who that was, really nice throw.
  10. It’s a ST broadcast. The ones that really get me are the Twins, who have local charity groups on, seemingly every inning. It’s agonizing.
  11. Would really like to see Mayo actually hit one. So much power.
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