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  1. The way they hit, Verlander wouldn't have made a difference at all.
  2. This is a bit disingenuous, he has 1M in incentives also. Mateo doubled his WAR last year too.
  3. We have civilian DV and VR advocates who follow up the next day and also offer resources. NYS is rightfully concerned if the parties aren't separated and despite not establishing PC that if they let the accused back in the dwelling and something awful happens, they don't want the liability. A lot does happen on the scene, checking for OOP's and past DIR's etc. The laws in NY changed at the end of 2023, there is a lot that goes into it now, and rightfully so. MPTC Model Policy-Law Enforcement Domestic Incident.pdf (ny.gov)
  4. I can't speak for other agencies as I'm sure SOP is quite different for each but it basically boils down to who makes the complaint. If a person calls the Police on their spouse/partner saying they were assaulted, etc. it's generally the accused who gets removed from the area. Even if you can't charge someone on the spot due to lack of evidence, you cannot leave the accused in the area. They are often "arrested" (detained) and then they go to our DV Detectives to investigate the claims. Both parties are usually brought to the station to try to get the full picture during interviews.
  5. 30 teams would sign Bauer in a NY minute, but we live in a cancel culture and nobody wants to be on the wrong end of that. I get it, though, it's a business after all.
  6. I understand. I'm just saying that he was wildly popular in Japan and they loved him while he was there. Even after he raged dropping F-bombs when his defense played like the Bad News Bears they were glad that someone finally called out the Baystars for being bad and sided with him. If one wants to say wherever the dude goes people don't like him, well, they had a funny way of showing it in 2023 when he was playing there.
  7. There was a 70-story billboard with him on it, he set viewership records and his merch was among the best-selling in NPB, he attracted more fans to a game than anyone in team history, and the fans hated him so much in Japan that they voted him to the All-Star game, despite him having a meh season.
  8. It was from a training I was at. When I am back to work next week I can see if I can post the actual study. They also found that almost 3/4 of restraining orders issued were either trivial or false. It's a problem and not just for men, but for everyone.
  9. That would be nice but in NYS for example, nothing would happen. You'd waste a couple of hours doing paperwork instead of doing Police work and nothing would come of it eventually. The bigger issue, and one that needs some attention is there are around 2 million OOP's (Restraining Orders) issued for false claims in the US every year. I have no real dog in the Bauer fight, I just find it hilarious that every single person replying about how deranged he is just happens to be a pillar of morality. No skeletons in anyone else's closets, I'm 100% certain! @elextrano8 I think it's weird, that you find it weird that the Police are actually interested in investigating the facts and not just tossing people in jail because someone said something. If only everyone were as pure and virtuous as the OH faithful, the world would be a much better place. Girl: Trevor Bauer beat me up last night during sex. Also Girl: Takes a selfie video with absolutely no evidence of said beating whilst she smiles and mugs the camera the morning after the allegation.
  10. False allegations rarely happen? I can tell you that isn't true. I've been to more calls than I can ever remember over the past 22 years when a girl or guy even, makes something up because they were cheated on, or had an argument, or just wanted them out of the house.
  11. Nah, it's much easier to be your own judge and jury. He's a witch? Burn him!
  12. Probably not. If you cross the last 3 names off that list.
  13. No, read my reply above for more context.
  14. The league didn't even suspend him. I get that every allegation needs to be taken seriously and investigated, but if there isn't enough evidence to convict or even for the league to suspend, you have to draw the line somewhere on how people who are accused of things are treated going forward. Chapman chased his wife/girlfriend around with a gun and people here were saying he should be an option.
  15. Still an option? In a piece published by The Athletic in late January, Olivia Finestead, the mother of Clevinger's 10-month-old child, accused the 32-year-old pitcher of physical and emotional abuse. Finestead agreed to be named in The Athletic's piece. Finestead alleged that Clevinger choked and slapped her in separate incidents that occurred in June 2022, and said that the pitcher threw used chewing tobacco at the child. Finestead got in contact with MLB's Department of Investigations last summer, and the league looked into the allegations. On Jan. 24, 2023, Finestead posted lengthy Instagram story posts about Clevinger, going as far as to post images of the injuries she said she suffered at his hands. Clevinger also allegedly threw an iPad at Finestead when she was pregnant, and Finestead said she finally left him when he "strangled" her. Clevinger's lawyers issued a statement to The Athletic saying their client denied any wrongdoing.
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