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  1. That's very close to what I was thinking.
  2. He'll get between 30-35 mil a year at minimum. The length of the Contract is the issue, like everyone has said. My max would be 5 years. Probably not enough.
  3. He is the 3rd leftie to clear the Wall. It's in another thread . I saw it the other day.
  4. Sorry to hear that. I feel for you. Stay Strong. It's a challenge.
  5. On the thread topic if Mayo has to play RF that means there is a glut of OF's. Trade time.
  6. I am fine. No offense taken. It just that unraveling 27 years of your life is hard. Things have come up and I have had to deal with them all. Should be fine in a month or two and I will renew.
  7. I was a Plus member for a long time. I am going through a Divorce. Maybe that explains things.
  8. I agree. They baby all the pitchers now.
  9. I have never watched that movie. Is it good?
  10. True desire for anything is something you are born with, or not.
  11. I'm a geezer so here's my take. This is just about WS opponents. I hate the Pirates with a vengeance. If I hear the song We are Family I will find a sledgehammer and destroy whatever is playing it. Mets are second. Can't believe such a crap team won.
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