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  1. Well they just shut down indoor dinning in Baltimore and you have to wear a mask outside when you cannot social distance. Sounds like players will have to wear masks while batting. My responses aren't ridiculous. I don't want schools shut down in September. It is ridiculous not to wear masks around other people as this will just last longer. Funny how you say take it to Covid thread and then you make a response about covid in this thread.
  2. We stayed at hotel at the beach last week. The hotel we stayed at about half the people were not wearing masks inside the hotel. I am not sure why. I had to take the emergency exit stairs to get in and out of the hotel as I didn't want to be around these people. The one restaurant that was actually doing a really good job of enforcing people wearing masks walking to their outdoor tables had to close a couple of days after we left due an employee contacting covid. It is night and day how the Delaware beaches are doing compared to Ocean City on stopping the spread. If you are at a Deleware boardwalk without a mask the police immediately descend on you and tell you to put a mask on. In OC no one seems to be wearing a mask and no one seems to care. This is the first time I stayed in OC in decades. But as I already stayed in Bethany Beach this year I thought I would give OC a chance. I doubt I will ever be back. They should make it a jail-able offense to not wear a mask in public with a $10,000 fine.
  3. 60 games is going to seem like a long year with the way this team is shaping up.
  4. I actually said Maryland should have kept people out of state when we had cases in the low 400's per day. I am not sure where my superiority is. I am not saying we are superior. I am saying today Florida's infection rate is much higher than Maryland's. I am not sure where the argument is about that. If you see superiority you have an agenda as I haven't said one thing about being superior.
  5. Does the ignore feature actually work for some people? It certainly doesn't for me.
  6. I am not sure how I am giving an air of superiority. Florida has a much higher current rate of infection. Probably even higher in Miami and Tampa areas. You have some sort of agenda unrelated to anything we posted. Maryland probably should have done a 14 day quarantine a month ago for out of state visitors when we had the virus much lower rate. As for Maryland's rate in May. Testing was saved for the sickest people at that time. Currently testing is much more widespread. Florida should have kept out of staters out of the state back in May and maybe they wouldn't have such a high infection rate currently.
  7. Also I think Maryland positive test rate is under 5 percent while Florida is something like 19 percent.
  8. Richie Martin had worse WAR than Wilkerson but I would argue that Martin was the better player. WAR is not a definitive stat.
  9. You don't know that. He was waived at least once and no one wanted him. He isn't on the 40 man roster. I am not sure why you are sure he would make the team. He is a negative WAR player I am not sure why you want him on the team other than trying to lose as many games as possible.
  10. More people in town traveling from Florida and bringing back the virus while eatinng out at restaurants and socializing in bars. No way we should take them. If Toronto doesn't want them we surely don't.
  11. He might be the worst player in the major leagues last season other than Chris Davis. But whatever. I guy who is a bad fielder at every position. Had a very low OBP even against right handed pitchers.
  12. I am guessing Bloomquist could field. Wilkerson they never played at second, short or third as the few games they tried him there he was a disaster. Wilkerson is not a utility infielder.
  13. When there are 8 starters a head of you on the Orioles Waiver Claim staff it is time to pick up the Rosetta Stone for Korean.
  14. He might be a top five guy on a KBO team but I don't think he is in the MLB. Well other than the Orioles top 5. Not on any other teams top 5.
  15. He is far below replacement player. Was he on the 40 man roster? Is he going to be paid a major league salary? I hope he gets paid in full.
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