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  1. Weak contact and swing and miss all night long.
  2. How many free passes tonight?
  3. Why can we not hit this guy?
  4. Did Soto make the first base umpire give the safe sign on a soft throw over to first?
  5. Cortes is just so annoying. I want these guys to put up 8 runs on him and they can't do a thing. It's frustrating.
  6. Even when he gets ahead, he can't throw a competitive pitch to get the third strike.
  7. Interesting tid-bit. I was watching a Jomboy video this evening (Three Things). He was reading a Redit post by a guy that identified 5 1-tool players in MLB (they have one tool that is well above average and the other 4 below average). That's not the interesting point. In the comments to the Redit post, the same guy lists the 9 5-tool players in the league. Henderson and Cowser were both identified as 5-tool players. I found that interesting. I wonder how Westburg stacks up to Cowser, because I would guess his hit tool is better?
  8. O'Hearn is definitely within striking distance as a DH.
  9. Which is crazy because 1B has historically been one of the strongest positions and most difficult to crack the All Star team at.
  10. Boston wins with a triple, 6 walks, and 13 singles. Beautiful.
  11. Did I hear Kevin Brown correctly today - did he say the average attendance across all games in the league yesterday (06/15) was north of 39K? That is impressive, if true.
  12. I second this request.
  13. We don't need Tony to start swinging at pitches out of the zone, again
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