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  1. Did you read what he said???What he said at any age, is unacceptable and rooted in hatred. Hard stop. Not all “edgy” tweets are the same and your response tells me all I need to know about you as a human being.
  2. Evidently for the Os, the answer is to keep pitching to him and ignore reality.
  3. Love it. Glad to prove the haters wrong.
  4. Why in the world is Nevin still here with better options at Norfolk? Critical stretch, just strongly dislike the roster decisions here with him and Arauz remaining for the second half. Maddening.
  5. Actually, what a few said, including me (and Tony I believe) is that he was coming off major injury and to see him released so soon was puzzling at best. Likely, not going to be an AS but what’s the harm in giving him more time when there weren’t many better options at the time. But I know you love to poke at me when you have insulted Mateo’s value time after time despite obvious huge upside/potential. But hey, please continue mischaracterizing what people say and ignore your bad takes.
  6. I am out man. I am tired of the aholes on here. Glad they got Holiday, hope the rest of the draft turns out well. RIP Weams and the few nice folks on here.
  7. I don’t know many of you, including you, but you sure all have a lot of courage behind a message board.
  8. No, def didn’t know that. Family stuff yesterday. Thank you. Def alters things. I am not a fan of any of the picks after Holiday however. I think they needed to go pitching, pitching and more pitching. This first pick today better be a pitcher! It also sounds like Fabian was their plan b.
  9. Huh? Why in the world do you think that? First off, they most likely passed on Jones because he is a Boras guy, they will likely pass on Porter at 2pm (we will see I guess). If they are going BPA as you say, I guess time will tell at 2pm. Fabian they clearly are in love with for whatever reason, doesn't sound like BPA there. ..and....I don't think the other two guys were even remotely close to BPA.
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