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  1. He was already recovering from TJ when drafted. Good athlete and risk profile, if he hit. Reminds me of a current National former Oriole RP
  2. The Mounty HBP looked a bit like I didn’t care you got hit by Tampa’s SP, he was 6-9 off the guy. With 2 outs, bases empty on that first pitch. We’re starting to see an up tick in HBP and the Orioles have given a few blowbacks too…more to come
  3. I remember ME talking CP up when they traded for him. Specifically, his jump in velocity and potential to be a #1/2 SP. Although the radar gun didn’t light up, he was throwing it with ease. I could see an easy increase with 20 lbs more weight and believe his poise is mlb caliber. Just needs to improve command and he is making strides, significant if you compare him to a year before the trade.
  4. I have a ticket for tonight’s game. Section 244. Dealing with a matter and would rather a fan get a ticket than lose the money with no gain. I’m a flex me mber and can transfer via email per the ballpark app. Do not believe this can be further transferred and want an OH member to take a free ride with fireworks night. Whomever responds yes to this thread and PM’s me first, unless you have negative repped Moose or DirtyB in the last hour, it’s yours! Please Enjoy the game! Hope I am not violating any rules, just a last minute thing. Will check back in before 8am. Go Orioles!
  5. The issues I have with replay this season is that if the umpire called him safe, the review most likely would stand. If the review process is not going to be as exact as intended in prior seasons, offer two reviews per game. My theory on this season’s replay history is they will not overturn the call if the umpires view shows no true ability to make a different call. Even if video evidence indicates Mateo might have been safe, the umpire saw / video review sees the call standing because he did come off the bag with one hand. He was safe, IMO, because he brought his other hand in and his leg hit the base to make it a continuous safe contact slide. The camera angles were limited and it is possible the tag hit Mateo’s Jersey at the time of base contact. it bothers me, since we now have experienced calls not get overturned that seemed obvious, while others have. The review process needs transparency. Especially with the sport making billions on gambling.
  6. Did not notice, but also not paying attention to his swing of late ! Ramon jumped on my radar in 2022 with a HR against the Astros. My presumption at the game in TX: this can be a .700OPS+ defensive guy. At the very least he’s a professional super utility infielder…
  7. Not disagreeing, but he has one pickoff and almost had one in the second inning, if the ball didn’t pop out of Henderson’s glove on the tag
  8. Good to see Urias keep that inning going that setup Gunnar’s 2nd career grand slam. Henderson feasted off the hanging cutter!!
  9. The difference of 5 rbis over a course of a season is one flare every six weeks. I call draw. Santander is one of the better RBI producers, considering last year. Should he be dropped from the lineup? Moved? DFA? He clearly isn’t worthy of this team based on the comments of this thread and I certainly disagree b/c of his production history
  10. So we should drop Santander from the lineup? He was a top rbi producer in mlb last year and 95 rbi just doesn’t make the cut. Good luck
  11. The Orioles won 101 games last year. The veterans this thread wants to drop from the team are currently winning the game tonight. The word of the Season is patience! Santander had 100 RBI and you want to drop him from the lineup because he is not fantasy baseball worthy before tonight? drop this vitriol and go see a live game. This team is one of the best in mlb, it’s not a fantasy lineup! Enjoy this wonderful team and this game! I certainly am
  12. Losing streaks are part of the season. Expecting some significant bounce backs from veterans if they are healthy. If not, it will be next man up. Cowser is proof and example #1. Hays and Mullins have been battling a number of issues since ST. If they linger, play Stowers/next man up.
  13. Now 8-2, the Cardinals were projected to win the west. I’m currently blaming Gibson’s posted signage in the Orioles dugout as a hex.
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