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O's to leave 105.7

Remember The Alomar

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WBAL. I remember how excited me and my brother were in 1976, when we were able to get Oriole games all the way here in upstate New York after 7 PM. All of the small local stations went down around that time, which opened up the airwaves just enough for us to get Orioles games at nighttime. After the games, we always lisetened to "The Nitecaps," which had a GREAT song:

......... "We're the nitecaps, nighty nitecaps" .............. :)


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So will there be no FM at all? With all the handheld devices having a FM radio this seems horrible. I really enjoy running with my Zune while listening to games.

EDIT: I just saw this on the link

The station is now the flagship of both the Orioles and the Ravens, which could create conflict during September, when the baseball season is winding down and the NFL season is starting up. WBAL does have a sister station in 98 Rock (97.9 FM).

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