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Choose Your Own Adventure - Joe Maddon's Big Night


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He lost me right off the bat, give me a choice between sending the runner in an unfavorable matchup and sac bunting in the 5th?

Well, it is Joe Maddon. He's the kind of guy that WOULD bunt in the fifth with a player good at getting on-base and the top of the lineup not too far behind.

Trust me. Get past that decision and it gets good.

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ROFL I got this ending

You think about asking Manny why he's brought you here, or how he even has access, but, reading your mind, he answers before you even ask.

I am not from this planet, Joe. I am an alien.

Manny says this without moving his lips, he speaks directly into your mind and you know it to be true.

I agree that this is truly classic literature at its best! :thumbsup1:

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