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Bud Selig: Commissioner-for-Life


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I was writing up something on the Andy MacPhail Q&A from this week, and I brought up Bud Selig. Somehow, those thoughts combined with everything I had seen the past couple weeks on Egypt, and it came out as...

In the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution, it is interesting to look at some similarities between Hosni Mubarak and Bud Selig.

-Both came to prominence in the early 1970s in the groups that would eventually put them in power: the military for Mubarak, team ownership for Selig. Each became an influential leader within their group.

-Both rose to power through violent acts by their group. Mubarak became President after the assassination of Anwar Sadat by a military group. Selig became acting commissioner after the owners forced Fay Vincent to resign.

-Both used emergency powers to gain control of their nation/sport, and thus ruled for far longer than otherwise expected.

-Both gave those within their nation/sport many reasons to question their abilities. Mubarak blatantly rigged elections and oversaw the destruction of the Egyptian economy. Selig allowed an All-Star Game to end in a tie and oversaw the heyday of steroids in baseball.

The only question is whether or not Selig will be allowed to leave office peacefully like Mubarak, in the midst of protests. Or as I had expected, his corpse dragged through the streets by his genitalia while children throw stones and rotting vegetables.

So...any thoughts?

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    • Of course he is the best player in the minors, but there is more to it than that. There could be others ahead of him because they are more likely to contribute sooner at the MLB level.  The Orioles are balancing four things: 1) seeing what they have in Ortiz, Westburg, and Norby, 2) what is best for the team in terms of wins for the season, 3) what is best for the development of Holliday, and 4) where Holliday is more likely to win ROY for the extra pick.  Of course, not all of these are equally weighted, but I do think its folly to presume the Orioles are sure Holliday will be better over the course of an MLB season next year vs. Ortiz or Norby.  In the long run, it's a no brainer, but we are just talking about next year.  Holliday has some issues in the field and also hits a lot of groundballs that aren't going to be hits at the major league level. If there wasn't an Ortiz or Norby ready to go, for sure he would be up next year.  But, that is not the position that we find ourselves in.
    • My theory is that Elias was not planning for the Orioles to be a contender this season, and did not build a bullpen accordingly.
    • I can't read it either before the Sun's blocker kicks in.  But I suspect there's no new quotes but just integrating the recent Forbes team valuation into the context of the ongoing tomfoolery that is Angelos. I'd love to see some of the Forbes breakdown though.
    • We'll have to be used to it for a week because the Nationals up next have a very similar offense.  The Nats & Guardians are 29th & 30th in the league in HRs... but also 29th & 30th in striking out. 
    • I certainly don't want to get into another Frazier/Westburg debate that's already been beaten to death, but I also think it's extremely clear that Westburg is the superior defender either judging by stats or the eye test.  It's obvious that Hyde loves Frazier's clutchiness/veteranosity, and as the season winds down he seems to be playing him more.  But what seems most confusing to me is why Hyde doesn't replace Frazier for defense late in games with Urias or Westburg....I'd also imagine Mateo could play a much better 2B as well.  
    • This guy John Angelos is reaching Mark Davis territory. And I thought Peter was bad.
    • Yes, and he's obviously one of those people who has never had to be accountable for his words or actions and has no idea how out of touch with the real world he really is.
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