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Red Sox pitching is so deep somebody has to go


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Maybe several somebodies.

The Red Sox are expected to carry 12 pitchers for most of the year. But they has signed several more then that and Some can even be traded.

(5) The rotation is set with Lester, Buchholz, Beckett, Lackey and Dice-K

(4) Top bullpen guys are set with Papelbon, Jenks, Bard and Wheeler

(1) 1st round draft choice Mike Bowden is out of options. I doubt they leave him go.

(2) Spots left. Here are the candidates:

Okajima has a 1.75M contract but had a bad year last year, so he has to win a spot in ST.

Wakefield is 44 y/old and has a 1.5M contact.

Albers signed a 865K contract. He is out of options

Atchison is under Red Sox control and out of options, His contradct is not settled yet as a 1-3 year player who is probably in the 400+K range.

So there are 4 for two spots. Looks like trades or DFA's are in order.

That doesn't count Aceves and Doubrout who have to be optioned and will be waiting at AAA.

Just found it interesting that though Albers in signed, he is not guaranteed a job with the Red Sox.

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The Orioles come to mind. The team that originally deemed Albers not worthy of a roster spot in a weakened bullpen.

The O's are not in the positon to have to trade or DFA anyone by Opening Day.

Guthrie, Matusz, Duke, Bergy, Arrieta

Uehara, Gregg, Gonzo, Johnson, Berken, Accardo, and VandenHurk.

Who has to be DFA'd or traded?

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