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Adam Wainwright has "significant" elbow injury...


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Carpenter, Westbrook and sophmore Jamie Garcia

That isn't a horrible rotation. But they just went from one of the best rotations in baseball to a standard one. It isn't going to be easy going against the Phillies or Giants in the playoffs with that rotation.

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How about a little schadenfreude (sp?) on top of injury?

There are TWO things that kinda shocked me about this report on ESPN, see if you can spot them. ;)

A Dayton Daily News report said Gomes walked into the Reds clubhouse and "joyously" sang "Wainwright's gone" several times in response to news of the St. Louis starter's injury.

Gomes, who initially learned of Wainwright's injury in a satellite radio interview with Rob Dibble, said he was told that Wainwright had returned to St. Louis to have his elbow examined, but was unaware of the extent of the injury.

According to Gomes and several onlookers, the outfielder was singing the lyrics to the song "You're the Best Around" from the movie "Karate Kid" during a light-hearted exchange with the team's video coordinator early Wednesday morning.

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