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3/2 vs. Phillies: O's - 6 Phillies - 5


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Mayberry doubles down the line. It hit off the Hooters girl and he was awarded second base.:laughlol:

Saw the Hooters chicks as the ball girls last night during the Phillies vs Tigers game on MLBN. That is simply a GREAT idea! The colors would work at OPACY too! :boogie:

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Tillman is not having a good outing. He is throwing a lot of pitches and really should have given up 2 runs so far.

Eh. It's a very solid lineup and it's his first appearance of the spring. Usually guys are just working on throwing their pitches for strikes and building their arm strength at this point. I try not to look too much into the early portion of spring training. I'm listening for enjoyment purposes only.

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