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Can anyone give some brief notes on what is being said from our insiders in this thread. 17 pages is a little crazy...Thanks

Going to make an offer to Bedard. Probably will try to trade him if he doesn't sign it. Feeling in FO is he won't sign.

Going to trade Tejada.

Trying to trade one of Millar or Huff.

Sounds like they might look at trading Hernandez.

Roberts is not untouchable but won't be actively shopped, at least not before others are traded first.

May trade Cabrera. May trade Mora, depending on NTC (possible he could waive if Tejada goes).

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With deference to Peace21, whose source I believe is solid, I think he's probably off base as to what Bedard expects to make in free agency, and what it would take to keep him in Baltimore. However, if he truly doesn't like it here, he may want an unreasonable amount to stay.

If you read this, Peace21, please elaborate on your statement that Bedard doesn't like it here (if you can). It could mean a number of different things:

1. He doesn't like playing for a losing team.

2. He doesn't like playing in the city of Baltimore.

3. He affirmatively wants to go play for Toronto.

4. He was offended by the way he was treated last winter.

Now, I'm pretty sure reason # 4 is true, because you an others reported it before. That's the easiest one to cure, because MacPhail wasn't on the scene, and getting a good offer now tends to unruffle those kinds of feathers. If reason # 1 is the real reason, then the team may just have to wait until it is in a better position ot convince Bedard that it si an imprving team he should want to remain with. If # 2 or 3 is the reason, there's nothing we can do.

#1 and #4..#4 is a big one.

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Gotta agree w/Cindy on Roberts.

No way in hell does an organization trade a player Brian unless they get multiple future studs.

The guy is one of the most fundamentally sound players in MLB, a class act, and the only veteran who seems to ALWAYS play hard and care when we lose.

and no, I'm NOT BROB's dad. :002_sbiggrin:

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Bedards agent told me Toronto isnt a big deal as it is made out to be. Yeah its close to home. But Erik wants to win and be on a team thats committed to winning. And if the O's arent committed to him and arent committed to winning than he will just go year to year til he is a FA.

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For the O's, locking Bedard up long-term now probably saves them some money and gives them payroll certainty where their "ace" is concerned.

For Bedard, it means guaranteed money and no risk of injury or lack of productivity ruining his future earning potential.

IOW, good reasons for both to want to do something. But reasons not to, as well - Bedard could max out his income by waiting and the O's risk injury to a not extremely durable player, given his past.

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