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Nationals Thread


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Thought it might be cool to have a thread for those of us who keep an eye on/follow the Nats.

Desmond SS

Werth RF

Zimmerman 3B

Laorche 1B

Morse LF

Ankiel CF

Espinosa 2B

Ivan Rodriguez C

Livan Hernandez P

There wasn't much of an ovation when Werth came to the plate, although there was a little pop when he got a hit. Interesting lineup, pretty weak. Desmond will have to do a lot of work to get on base out of that lead off hole.

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I'm not a Nats follower, except when Lindsay Czarniak is at the park during the 6:00 news.

But I did notice Boswell ranting about putting Werth in the #2 hole. Just shows how far he's fallen from his sabermetric peak. Werth at #2 is a great choice, putting possibly their best player in a spot to get the 2nd most PAs on the team. I only saw the one quote, but I'm sure Boswell wanted to put Pudge or Espinosa or somebody in the two hole so they could sac bunt 15 times a year and give them a .300 OBP.

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I've got to hand it to the Nats, for a perennial loser (No knock on them, obviously the Orioles fit into that category also), they've put together a team with some players who'll be interesting to watch. People knock the Jayson Werth deal, and it's a ton of money for a guy like that, but I've got to say as just someone who happens to get the games but roots for another team, it's an incentive to tune in if I'm bored and Orioles aren't on knowing that there are some stars on the team like Werth, Zimmerman, and to a lesser extent guys like LaRoche (a borderline star) and Pudge Rodriguez (a former star past his prime who'll be in the Hall of Fame someday). It beats a team made up of a lot of generic guys who's names you can't quite remember, which is the composition of a lot of non-contenders.

I'm watching Nats opening day out of the corner of my eye and enjoying it. Not a bad bonus to MASN that you get a second team's games to fill the gaps when your team isn't on and you want to watch some baseball.

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Well, that "losnacionales.com" sign on their backstop is proven right again. ;)

Good pitcher's duel, but Nats fans have to be disappointed in that offensive effort. I figured offense would be the strength of that team, but it wasn't on opening day, anyhow.

Did you see their lineup? They are heavily relying on Werth-Zimmerman-LaRoche.

Speaking of terrible lineups, check out the Padres.. And yet they won anyway.

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