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Did anyone see Aubrey Huff get victimized out in right field on what felt like 20 plays in a row? I felt bad for him.


Then, later in the game, the Dodgers' pitcher can't find the strike zone. He has the bases loaded and walks in a run. Giants are now down by 3 with the bases jacked and two outs. Miguel Tejada comes to the plate. Everyone is expecting him to try to draw a walk, since this pitcher couldn't find the strike zone if he had a map and a GPS. But what does Miggi do? He golf-swings at the first pitch, a pitch that's about an inch off the ground, and pops out to right, ending the rally.

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Mickolio & Hernandez both have a scoreless inning under their belt....and speaking of Belt, let's ship Pie & Snyder to the Giants for Belt, and then they can move Huff back to first. (I'm only dreaming, I'm aware the Giants won't deal Belt)

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