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GAME THREAD: Blue Jays vs. Angels 4/8


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With the Orioles rained out and the Yankees already having lost to the Red Sox, I'm relegated to rooting against the Blue Jays tonight. :o


Rajai Davis - CF

Jayson Nix - 3B

Jose Bautista - RF

Adam Lind - 1B

Aaron Hill - 2B

Juan Rivera - DH

Travis Snider - LF

Jose Molina - C

John McDonald - SS

Kyle Drabek - P



Izzy's Brother - SS

Howard Kendrick - 2B

Bobby Abreu - DH

Torri Hunter - RF

Vernon Wells - LF

Alberto Callaspo - 3B

Mark Trumbo - 1B

Hank Conger - C

Peter Bourjos - CF

Ervin Santana - P

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