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ere's a dumb question I'm sure has been asked 100 times before

El Gordo

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Looking at AJ's plate discipline numbers, I notice he had a z-swing % of 77.8 and an o-swing % of 40.5 last year. How come that doesn't add up? A ball is either in zone or out of zone isn't it? What am I missing, it must be so obvious I can't see it?

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They each add up by themselves. z-swing % is 77.8 so he didn't swing at balls in the zone 22.2%. Same with o-swing. The two are independent of each other.
Yep, Guerrero is the only one that swings at over 118% of the pitches he sees.
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    • Let me be clear:  I don't think it's a good idea any time of the season.  Especially with pitchers that are max-effort guys that are hitting triple digits on the radar gun with regularity. We agree that shortening the season and having more off days would be good but that's not happening.  I'd propose to start the season a week earlier and extend a week on the back end with more off-days scattered throughout the regular season to break up stretches like this. I also don't think a slightly expanded roster in September really alleviates anything.
    • I know it's a SSS, but in McKenna's last 50 ABs he's hitting .294 / .362 / .392. Not a lot of power, but he hasn't been totally useless at the plate. Combined with his glove and speed I think it's a no-brainer that he'd be the 26th guy. 
    • Ortiz could be another option but I believe he’s been injured himself in AAA. 
    • Isn't the last month of the season the best time to schedule a stretch like this? You do have the slightly expanded roster. Do you want to do it in April when the pitchers might not be fully stretched out and you have a bunch of issues with weather?  Do you want to do it in July and August when it is brutally hot in a lot of the country? Ideally they shorten the season and just have more off days but that ain't happening.
    • EDIT - I left out Kjerstad, who would definitely be on the roster without Mountcastle. So the choice is a 12th pitcher (Bautista, Fuji, etc.) or a 14th position player (McKenna, Norby, or Mayo). It would be the current roster, minus Lopez, and then minus one of Baumann or McKenna and then perhaps the other as well to add Norby/Mayo. If either Bautista or Mountcastle come back, there won’t be much of a decision to be made.  Will also add - with either Norby or Mayo, they could DH and Santander could play 1B (with Mullins, Hays, Hicks in the OF). Santander hasn’t seen much time at 1B since Mountcastle came back from the IL stint for vertigo, but he looked pretty smooth over there.  Unfortunately it may just be not wanting to start an inexperienced 1B in a playoff game that motivates a decision to stick with O’Hearn against a LHP, and not the bats. It may depend on what they think of Mayo’s 1B defense, as he has gotten a decent amount of time there in the minors. 
    • As and former outfielder that is Hicks ball. I’m sure if you got statcast for the sprint speed of the Baltimore chop and that fly ball you can tell he wasn’t busting it. I actually really like Hicks but you see the veteran 90 percent effort a lot with him in the field. 
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