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Signing Vlad was big mistake


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The more I watch the O's, the more out of balance they look, and the more I think the Vlad signing is killing them.

I really would have liked a team with Reimold/Pie in LF, Scott at DH, and D. Lee at 1B. I still think Lee will have an okay season.

Adding Vlad is a big hit to the defense and to the team speed (or the O's total lack of it). Reimold is now up to a .352 OBP at Norfolk, which would lead the O's, and he in fact led the O's in 2009. Having Reimold/Pie on the base paths and in LF would be a huge upgrade over Vlad/Scott.

Vlad just doesn't hit well enough (with enough power) to make up for all of his shortcomings.

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Would we be saying this if he had an OPS around .850 - .900?

It was a signing that didn't make much sense for where this team was at the time but I don't think it was a "big mistake".

I have been steadfastly against the signing since before he signed and even I don't think it qualifies as a "big mistake". Its a one year deal that will only minimally effect the O's finances beyond this season.

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Can we blame it on the hot spring days?

After watching Homer after Homer in Arlington I'd like to hope that it's for a lack of hot days in Baltimore so far that hasn't gotten him warmed up. Let's hope he starts his break out now. If he can get a better contact and success rate going when pitches are in the zone I can see him really turn it around quickly. He's actually seen more pitches inside the strike zone this year than his typical career and he's still 4% lower on his contact rates swinging at pitches inside the strike zone.

I think some of the lazy fly balls had a little more power to them in Arlington and that Vlad is really missing that home launching pad. Let's hope when Camden Yards heats up he gets it back. As his HR/FB ratio is about 6% lower than his typical 15% for his career.

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So it is Vlad's fault we are not hitting? I bet you he goes on a tear once it gets warm out.

Just in time for a trade... That is where the real value will come from Vlad; stock the minors. If he is here all year, then its a mistake signing. Until then you just hope he hits enough to get you a solid B prospect back in return.

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