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I am finished with MLB.com


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Major league baseball runs the absolute worst web site of any of the major professional sports....it is not even close....their worst practice is their insistence on sticking increasingly long video commercials in front of EVERY single video highlight on their site....it used to be that you could maybe watch two or three videos in a row before getting bombarded with another ALMAY commercial...but, oh no, not now...their in game software is often slow and sometimes not even accurate...

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I don't like the commercials either but MASN does it too. And many many others. It's a fact of life. :noidea:

I'll tell you what I can't stand. (ESPN is famous for this too...) Starting videos automatically when you open a page. If I want to watch a video I'LL CLICK THE BUTTON! I don't want to have to search around for the stop button every time I want to look up a stat. :angryfire:

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